13 Smart Things to do Before Selling Your Home In Loughborough

13 Tips & Ideas of how to sell your home quickly to potential home buyers moving in Loughborough

How to stage your home to potential home buyers, buying a house in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Has your home been on the house market or for sale for a long period of time? Does your home require improving in order to achieve that fast sale? Do the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms require up-dating? If so our checklist, tips and guide on the 13 smart things to do before selling your home in Loughborough will help you to do the right things at the right times winning that new home buyer. When getting your home ready for sale its important to have the mind-set of a potential buyer. If your home is a 3 bedroom house then make sure all rooms are clearly visible to the buyer as a bedrooms and not somewhere, that you use to store furniture and items.

Thinking of selling your house and moving home in Loughborough – Find The best tasks that can help you to sell your house fast

If your home is due to go on to the property market follow these 13 helpful steps

Arrange for your front and back garden to be transformed – Good landscaping will make a huge difference offering a nice feel to the way potential home-buyers will see and view the property.

Paint or change the front & back doors to the property. The front door can say a lot about a home, if your front door is dated try giving it a nice coat of paint or replace for a new modern front door. Two plants on either side of the front door with lights above can be an excellent feature to give the front of your home that wow factor feel.

The hall way and entrance to the property is very important when showing your home to potential buyers. The hall way and entrance is the first steps the potential buyer will make when entering your home. As we all know first impressions can create a great impact, which is why it is extremely important your hall ways and entrances are worm, cosy, uncluttered and inviting.

Decorate or redesign your entire home – When designing your home its is always best to go with very light, neutral and airy colors that will appeal to the potential home-buyer. Look at every new home being built, the builders always use the same light neutral colors that you can easily change or add your own personal style too. This helps when it comes to selling the property. Take a look at some new build complexes in your area to get some great ideas and inspiration for your home.

De-clutter and get rid of old items and furniture that make the house look cluttered – Organize a house clearance company to take away old, tatty and worn-out furniture, this will create valuable space making your home and rooms look and feel much bigger.

Up-date your bathroom and kitchen utensils – This can be costly, but at the same time if done to a perfect standard will help increase the asking price of the property. Not only that many people moving home would love a home with a new kitchen and bathroom, meaning you would have more of a chance of securing a guaranteed sale. When designing your kitchen and bathroom don’t choose dark colors, stick to the light and neutral color scheme.


Fix all fixtures, fittings, lose cupboards and squeaking doors – Make sure all doors in the house open and close properly, oil and grease doors that squeak and fix cupboards that have a door missing or lose hinges. You want to feel 110% confident when showing your home to potential buyers.

Change the carpets and flooring if required – If the carpet in your home is old-fashioned and not in the best of conditions, have these replaced immediately. Fresh carpets in all rooms can make your home look and feel brand new, especially if the walls and ceilings have all been freshly painted and decorated.

Keep pets away when showing your home to potential buyers – Some people love pets, some people hate them, some are allergic to them, to avoid disappointment arrange for friends or family to look after them until the viewings are over.

Hide awkward smells that may put the buyer off buying – If you do keep pets at home or smoke inside the house, be sure to eliminate these odors before the buyers arrive. That means have the pets dropped off  or picked up early 3 -4 hours before the buyer arrive. Keep pets off the sofas and out of the bedrooms and smoke out side the house. You can buy all types of air fresheners and plugins that will give off a wonderful aroma for each room in the house.

Keep receipts, files and documents of all building work and renovation work completed on the property. With these certificates you can pass them onto the new home buyer, so they can see the history and the all the hard work you have done and all the money you have spent on the property till this point. Providing them with this information shows that you have cared for and looked after your home over the years.

Keep the layout of your rooms simple. When placing the furniture around your home it is best to keep it as simple as possible. In the bedroom place a bed, two beside-tables, a mirror and may be a small stylish chair, this will make the room look bigger and feel clutter free. The last thing you need when showing the property to buyers is bulky wardrobes in the room taking up the whole wall and half of the floor space, keep it simple. Hide shoes and clothing as this acts as clutter to the eyes of the buyer.

Place finishing touches around the house to give it that wow factor – Place fresh flowers, pictures and candles in various rooms around the home, this will create a pleasant smell along with a warm and homely feeling.

You have finally sold your home, Now Its Time To Get Things Moving to Your new home

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