Been let down by your house removals company in Leicester

Moving home and been let down by your house removals company in Leicester, we can provide you with last-minute bookings for your house removal at short notice.

Many unprofessional house removal companies in Leicestershire, will promise to complete a full house removal and packing service to their customers, but for many house removal customers this is not the case. Our house removals company in Leicestershire will provide you with some tips on how to choose the perfect house removals company in Leicester for your home move. If you have been let down by your house removals company in Leicester get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to assist your requirements.

Been let down by your house removals company in Leicester or Leicestershire

Your move is just as important as all the other processes involved with moving home, such as:

  • Other house removal customers in the moving chain
  • Waiting for contracts to be completed and signed
  • Waiting for the banks to transfer the monies to relevant accounts
  • Waiting for the keys for your property to be released by third parties
  • Your solicitors / estate Agents
  • and your removals company

The above information is vital when moving to your new home or premises below we have listed some tips and advice on how to avoid being let down by your chosen house removals company when moving home.

When searching for your house removals company online check to see that it is a reputable house removals company in Leicester, as there are many comparison sites out their that offer house removal services, however they are simply taking a fee and passing on your details to various other removal companies, who will randomly contact you regarding your move. This can become very confusing for customers as you will not know exactly who you are dealing with, which in the long run can prove to be a disaster for your move.

It is always better to contact your house removals company in Leicester directly, gather as much information from them possible, regarding your move and what it all involves. Many professional house removals companies in Leicester will offer free advice for their moving customers, so if in any doubt pick up the phone and give them a call.

Build a relationship with your house removals company in Leicester, stay in contact with them at least once a week on the run up to your move. This will help to keep you reassured that your house removal is being planned and organised correctly and that your house removals company in Leicester will turn up on your removals day.

Your chosen house removals  company in Leicester should provide you with a professional move consultant, who will be available to answer all your questions, planning and organizing your entire move from start to finish. Your move consultant will work out the best possible solution to ensure your house removal is completed successfully, on time and on schedule. If you are moving home with small children you will not want your house removals company working till late hours, so punctuality is a major factor when moving home with a family in Leicester.

As a reputable and caring house removals company in Leicester, we will always recommend that all moving customers request a free home survey. Your home survey will be a great opportunity for you to actually meet your house removals company in Leicester, where you can speak to them, face-to-face and in more detail.

Many removal companies will only want to provide you a quote over the phone and this is where people can become confused and problems can arise. It is always best to have move adviser come out to your home to discuss the move with you. They will also make an inventory of the exactly what you are moving to your new home. Your move consultant will also make notes of the access points to the property, how many movers and packers will be required etc. All of the above is vital information for your house removals to be a success.

Many house removal companies in Leicester may price you for moving a four bedroom house, over the phone, even if two of the rooms are empty, having a home survey will ensure you only pay for the exact amount of space, volume or items that you  actually want moving.

It is always best to avoid house removal companies in Leicester that only charge by the hour. When choosing this type of house removals company you are always kept in the dark, on what the final price of your move actually is. This can make leave customers feeling worried, about what the cost will be at the end of the working day. When choosing a reputable removals company in Leicester, you should choose a  company that provides a set price / fixed price for the removal services taken. You always know exactly where you stand when choosing removal companies in Leicester that provides fixed rates.

When you are happy that your house removals company in Leicester will comply with all your moving requirements, then go ahead and book in your desired service. Your chosen moving company will be able to complete everything for you. From the packing, to supplying boxes and packaging materials.

If you have you been let down by your house removals company in Leicester, then please contact our professional team today. We can guarantee you will not be let down, once your home removals services are fully booked in with us.


If you have you been let down by your house removals company in Leicester or Leicestershire


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