Booking Domestic Removal Companies – What You Need To Know

Moving home information on booking domestic removal companies – what you need to know

Hiring or Booking domestic removal companies – what you need to know to make your move successful

Moving house requires so much hard work, that more home movers are using their local removal companies to relocate their household furniture to their new homes. Many families and people relocating want to know that they have booked their move with a professional removal company that will full fill their exact needs. Following this helpful information on booking domestic removal companies – what you need to know, will give you the reassurance and knowledge of what you should expect and ask your removals company, prior to booking your move.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your UK House Removal Companies 

Every person moving home wants to know that they can trust their removals company to complete their move successfully, providing security and safety for their most delicate and expensive home furniture and personal items. Locating this type of removals company can be a real challenge for many people and families, moving to their new homes within the United Kingdom or Overseas. This where booking domestic removal companies – what you need to know, can help in assisting you make the right choices and decisions when trying to find the perfect removal companies for your house relocation.

Gather some knowledge on your chosen removals companies

Gathering relevant information from your chosen moving company will help determine which companies will be right for you or not. Phoning around and speaking to a removals company directly is safer than booking your move online with a company you know nothing about or have not met in person.

All registered business within the United Kingdom will be registered upon the companies house website, this will tell you whether your removal company is a listed business or just trading under their name, choosing a registered removals company is the start of your moving process.

Speak to friends and family and also check your magazines, local papers, local shops and yellow pages to see if your removals company is listed in any of these places, this will tell you that they work hard to be reached and seen in the right places, by their clients and that they properly have been trading for some time as a company, so people you know at work may have used the company in the past.

Once you have established you are looking into a registered removals company, get in contact with them and see how professional their services are and whether they can cope with your exact demands and requirements.

When contacting domestic removal companies 

You should request that they come to see the items and furniture you are relocating, this is the best most sensible option for all home movers. Speaking to an adviser face to face will give you the peace of mind you are looking for, as you will be able to discuss your move in more detail, rather than over the telephone.

A professional moving company will offer you a free home survey and would normally never charge you a price over the phone for your relocation, unless in different circumstances, where your home is that far away from the companies operating branch. To get the fairest most cost-effective price and services for your home relocation always demand a home survey.

Check that you removal company has your chosen date available. Be firm that there is no other parties waiting to move for that date you have requested with the company as many companies will try to rush your removal, to attend another, so be sure your move is booked for the full day.

Ask your domestic removal company how many removal men you’ll need and what size vehicles they will have available to complete your move successfully and effectively.

Ask your removal company if they provide maximum security storage facilities that you may need when moving home.

Ask your removal company what level of goods in transit insurance and public liability they will have, in the likely hood that your wardrobe is broken or something lands on your foot during the moving process.

All of these questions should be ask and are very important when choosing your domestic removals company. If you are still not 100% satisfied you can request that they forward you copies so you can look it to this with more detail. Many professional companies will be more than happy to provide you with the relevant information you need to secure your move safely.

Accepting domestic removal quotations

Before booking your move some removal companies will request that a deposit is paid before the removal can take place, this is quite a normal procedure, however full payment should never be requested before your removal service is complete.

When accepting a removal quote you will need to receive some sort of confirmation either by post, email or fax never by phone as this could cause complications later on into your move. Keep a copy of what your removal quote is so this will be the price you pay when the move is complete, unless extra services are needed on the day.

Once your home survey is completed and you are pleased that the survey is successful, along with the price and the removal services the movers are going to complete you may book your move in.

The questions we want to know when planning a move is how much is it going to cost. Below you will find the closest estimated guide prices from professional domestic removal companies within the United Kingdom.

Estimated House Removal Prices

For a 2 bedroom house or flat removal service locally (approx 10 miles to new home) the price of your move could be in the region of (approx) £265 and as much as £400 depending on the volume of furniture etc.

For a 2 bedroom house removal service travelling a long way (approx 100-150 miles) you will be expecting to pay in the region of  (approx) £750 or as much as £1100 which will depend on circumstances and distance of travel.

For a 2 bedroom home packing service you could be expecting to pay a further £150-£300 on top of your removal price.

For your average 3 bedroom house removal service locally (approx 10 miles to new home) you could expect to pay (approx) as little as £400 and as much as £650 depending on how many removal men and vehicles needed.

For a 3 bedroom house removal service travelling a long distance (approx 100-150 miles) you could be expected to pay (approx) as little as £900 or as much as £1400 again depending on your personal situation, circumstances, needs and requirements.

For your average 3 bedroom home packing service you could be expected to pay a further £300£400 (approx) on top of your original house removal quotation, all packaging supplies included.

For a 4-5 bedroom house removal service locally you could be expecting to pay in the region of (approx) £650 or as much as £850 depending on circumstances.

For your avg 4-5 bedroom house removal service travelling on a long distance the price you could pay could be (approx) as little as £900 or as much as £1700 which all depend on your house removal and circumstances.

For your 4-5 home packing service a further estimated £400-£600 will be added to the removal price. All materials will be included.

When following our unique steps on booking domestic removal companies – what you need to know all you need to be absolutely sure of is that

  • The removal company will turn up on the day
  • Don’t book your move over the phone
  • Be sure that your moving company is registered
  • Be sure that goods in transit insurance and public liability cover is in place
  • Check that all removal services and packing services will be carried out by regular and fully trained removal men and team

Booking Domestic Removal Companies - What You Need To Know

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