Step by step guide to the advantages of buying a New Build Property in Leicestershire

There are many advantages when it comes to buying a New Build Property in Leicestershire. The most obvious is that no one has ever lived there before meaning it is a blank canvas and you can start putting your own personal touch to the property straight away. A lot of older period properties do not utilize the space well which is why most new build properties come with a much bigger kitchen and more luxurious bathroom. The location of most new builds also tends to be very good, placing you close to local amenities, schools and transport routes.

Buying a New Build Property in Leicestershire

When buying a new build property in Leicestershire, there is no hassle with upward chains of other properties to be completed ,which means you are liable to move into your new home right away, without having to do any work to the property at all. Take the time needed to put your own taste and style to your new property.
When moving into an older home you may need to decorate and complete maintenance work before you can actually move in, which can cost you thousands of pounds to start with. Save yourself valuable money and time when choosing a leading developer to organize your new home.
If you are buying a new build property in Leicestershire, then you may be offered choices by your Home builder before you move in. Some of these may include carpets, appliances, decoration or even kitchen and bathroom styles.
Newly built homes are now required to adhere to strict rules when it comes to fire safety and Electrical insulation. Modern doors and window locks are also a must, and in some cases an alarm or entry system are also included.
After buying a new build property in Leicestershire you may be faced with problems that are a result of construction issues, this is why all new build homes should be under a 10 year warranty, either via The National House Building Council (NHBC) or another leading insurance company.
If you are struggling to buy your new home, you may be eligible for an equity loan from the Home Buyer Direct scheme. A variety of schemes have been set up by the Government to help and support first time buyers in the UK.
New builds are a great way to save money on fuel costs, as they are on average 60%  more energy efficient than period homes. This is down to new stringent regulations.
There are many deals available to new home buyers, that are not on offer from the second hand market. These can include Part exchange, Deposit paid, Mortgage paid for a term or even new furnishings.

New Build Properties have been increasing in popularity for some years now mainly down to the demand for more affordable housing solution, increasing the total number of new homes registered with the NHBC  to 7,831 in 2013. New Build Properties are often distinctive , diverse and offer an impressive range of styles and features.

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