The benefits of buying a new build property in Leicester are endless. If you would like to know why buying a new home is a good idea please read on


We understand that buying a new build property in Leicester and moving out of your old one can be exciting and very emotional at the same time, this is why when choosing our professional home moving service you can rest assured that your whole experience from start to finish is a nothing but a success.

Start enjoying your new home immediately

  • If you are buying a new build property you can if you wish, move in straight away as it has been completed.
  • You will not have spend a single penny on restoring and decorating. Most new build developers will design your new home to your exact requirements before it has even been built including the decorating of your home.

Don’t worry its brand new 

  • New build developers registered with National House Building Council provide a 10 yr warranty, Most new home developers offer these guarantees.
  • You can avoid waiting a long time for detailed surveys to be completed on your new home, because your guarantee will cover any issues you may have.
  • Nearly all new homes are equipped with the latest security features as standard, which also includes fire, smoke alarms and circuit breakers.

New build efficient and saving you money 

  • Most new build homes are way more energy efficient than most older homes, this is because your new home has been fully insulated with the most updated energy saving devices added. This will decrease running cost compared to older homes, making your new home a more eco-friendly way to live.
  • New homes are built to reduce waste and work to in balance with our environment. The developers of today are striving to create a sense of  community within the development in return adding parks, play areas and many more benefits for the residents.

Where to live-Location

  • There are a lot of new homes built close to shops, schools and public transport.
  • When developers choose a location site to build new homes, they always give careful thoughts into the access points and the area as a whole.
  • There is no need to feel like the newcomer as every one will be in the same boat as you.

New home less stress

  • When buying your new home  in Leicester remember that there is no upward chains to think about making the whole process simple and easy, developers can offer part exchange deals to make the process even quicker.

Contemporary living for all residents

  • If you are a first time home buyer, retired or you have a big family seeking more space, the new home developer will create new homes for every one. A lot of new home developers have a variety of choices for home buyers which include apartments and older homes.
  • A new home is designed to fit in with modern day living, the space in a new home is used efficiently and effectively.


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