Changing your utilities

Changing your utilities

The home comforts that we all love are brought to us by a range of utility service providers. But there are often so many it is easy to forget at least one when moving house. By following our easy steps it should be a doddle when changing your utilities.

Failing to let everyone know when you are moving house could cost you money as well as time.  This is especially true of services such as gas, electricity and the telephone, as it costs a good bit more to disconnect and then reconnect them, than to simply transfer your account.



This includes your home phone, mobile phone, Internet Service Provider and Broadband supplier. Call your supplier to advise them of your new details – you may be able to transfer your old number or set up a redirection service to your new number. Find out if there is a line you can take over at your new home: if not, a BT re connection charge of around £125 will apply. Allow at least a fortnight before the date you want your old number deactivated and five working days for the new one.

Council tax

Visit your local authority website and fill out an online form to notify them of your changing circumstances. Remember you’ll also need to contact your new local authority if you are moving out of the area.

Contact council tax   (


Your current electricity supplier will need at least two days’ notice of your move, but let them know sooner if possible. Arrange for the meter to be read, if they require this, or make a note of the reading yourself and keep it in a safe place in case of disputes. If you get to your new home to find you  have been disconnected, call you local electricity distributor (number in the phone book) to send an engineer.


Most gas suppliers need a minimum of two days’ notice, but the longer you can give them the better.Read the meters when you leave and let the supplier know. You should receive your final bill for this address within 14 days. Find out who supplies the gas at your new address. If it’s not the same as your old supplier, you’ll need to notify them that you have moved in.  Take readings as soon as you arrive at your new house.

Contact gas and electric   ( in a new window))


You water supplier needs 48 hours’ notice of your move. Read the meters when you leave and when you arrive in your new home, and keep the numbers in a safe place.


Gas utilitys

Water utilitys

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