Choosing the right location to live

Choosing the right location to live


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right location to live. While other factors may be important, the actual location of your property is perhaps the most important.

Drawing up a list may be a good start. What things are important to YOU?  The following suggestions may help.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]Public transport links[/highlight]

If you use public transport to commute to work you will need to ensure that you are close to a tube or railway station. Perhaps you go by bus in which case you will need to be close to a reliable bus route.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]Links for motorways[/highlight]

Commuters who use their car to get to work, often look for houses that sit close to excellent road links, whether they are motorways or fast running A roads. You want to be close enough to have as easy run into work as possible, but not so close that pollution and road noise becomes an irritant.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]School catchment areas[/highlight]

With school league tables now in force this is often at the top of many parents list. Your local government website will have details of catchment boundaries. You can find your local government details on DirectGov, the UK government website 


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]Proximity to neighbours[/highlight]

How close do you want to live to your neighbours?  If you like the interaction of living in a friendly community, then a traditional street in suburbia or perhaps a house on a new-build site, could the thing for you. But if you have certain hobbies that not everyone around will take kindly to, then looking for somewhere with a little distance between you and other home owners is to be recommended!


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]What amenities would you like to have close by[/highlight]

Draw up a list of items and services you buy or use on a regular basis, and how often you need them. Does having a doctor a stone’s throw down the road feature in your list? You may also wish to consider dentists, schools, clinics, health food shops, post offices, pubs and restaurants, cinemas, sporting venues (cricket, football, bowling greens, horse racing), art galleries, and even 24hr supermarkets, are all possibilities that could be on your list.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]View[/highlight]

Is a nice view important to you ? For some people the view is very important yet to others who may not spend alot of time at home it may not be worth paying the extra for. If you are buying a house off plan you may not be able to see what sort of view you will have.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]Parking[/highlight]

Does it have off street parking? this is high up on most peoples’ wishlists, especially now that many households have more than one motorcar.


[highlight color=”#4c7fff”]Proximity to family members[/highlight]

It may be important for you that family members and close friends are just a stones throw away however even the nicest relatives can outstay their welcome and this may be the reason you choose to move away.



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