Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton

Overall Costs Of Buying A House In Northampton | The Estimated Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton & Northamptonshire

Planning on buying a house and considering the costs of moving home in Northampton. Our guide on the actual prices involve when buying a house and moving home, will help to ensure you make the right decisions and understand the exact prices involved when choosing your mortgage, solicitors and estate agents.

Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton

Estimate your overall costs of moving home in Northampton or Northamptonshire


When buying a house and considering the costs of moving home in Northampton you will need find your self a suitable mortgage that has the best rates for your needs. You will have to work out how much money you can save to put down as a deposit for the mortgage. If you are first time home buyers, with a small deposit you could pay a minimum deposit of only 5%. Meaning you would need to take a mortgage to cover the remaining 95%. Mortgage rates may double if you don’t pay a big deposit.

Reason to pay a higher deposit when moving home in Northampton

Lower Monthly Installments

However the more money you can save towards your deposit will help to bring down the mortgage rates. Meaning lower monthly repayments, making it easier for you to manage your monthly repayments.

Competitive Rates

The more deposit you pay when buying your home will enable you to receive extra benefits from your mortgage provider. These benefits could help you secure flexible payment plans, lower interest rates and many may help ease the mortgage process.

How Long Can I Pay The Mortgage For 

  • The average mortgage term is 25 years
  • The shorter the term the higher your monthly payments will be.
  • The longer the term means a lower interest rate

Extra Costs Involved

  • Take into your legal and arrangement fees along with your valuation survey.
  • If paying a lower deposit of 5% you may be charged a mortgage indemnity fee that is used as insurance on the mortgage.
  • If you manage to pay of your mortgage early you will receive a charge. Early mortgage repayments can be quite high, especially if you have a fixed rate mortgage.
Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton

Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton

Costs Of Moving Home In Northampton Or Northamptonshire

  • Estate Agent fees
    Conveyancing fees
    Stamp Duty Fees
    Land Tax Fees

  • Building Surveyor Fees
    House Removal Costs
    House Clearance Costs
    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Buying your dream home can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you are a first time home buyer. With all the stress of finding a suitable deposit, money for your agents and surveyors can be very daunting indeed. Our guide will help prepare you for the costs of moving home in Northampton, that you will encore when buying your new home.

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