The essential things to remember when moving house in Anstey, Leicester

Moving home can be a stressful time, there are lots of things to do, and it can be difficult to remember everything. Following  our handy “remember list” could help with Essential things to remember when moving house.

How To Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Move!

Find your local removals company and get a quote in advance.

Start to collect your packing materials, keep any boxes that you receive, hold onto newspapers (ideal for wrapping delicate items) and ensure that you have the following stationary ready; labels/tape/bubble wrap/marker pens

Start to pack any non-essential items, such as ornaments, or anything that you will not require until after the move.

Create change of address letters and cards for family/friends/colleagues etc, ready to send out when the time is right.

If you have children, now is the time to notify their schools, and if necessary, arrange for any school records to be sent to their new schools.

Contact your home phone provider and arrange a date for disconnection at your present address, and re-connection at your new house.

Notify your gas, electric, and water providers, ring to advise them of your moving date, and your new address. Make a list of any other companies you need to inform, for example, banks and credit card companies.

If you have pets, arrange for their care during the move,or ensure that you have the correct pet carriers for transportation. Remember that moving can also be a very stressful time for pets!

things to remember when moving house

Contact the Royal Mail to arrange for post redirection.

Defrost your fridge/freezer, remembering to leave the doors open for ventilation.

Create an ‘essential’ box of items for the day of the move, for example, tea/coffee/milk/tissues etc. Also get together some money (for paying the removal company), and ensure that your mobile phone is charged (the land line could be disconnected at this point, so you may need an alternative).

Make a note of your final meter readings (gas, electric, water etc)

Oversee the whole move process, making sure that all of your items are loaded into the removal vehicles safely,perform a final check of each room turning out lights and heating before leaving the house.

Collect all of the keys, including window lock keys, and place them in an envelope together, ready to hand over to the new owner.

By remembering these tips on essential things to remember when moving house, you can hopefully experience a less stressful move, and can look forward to settling in your new home!


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