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  • How do i get my quote ?

    If you are looking for small and simple house removals, our team can give you a quote over the phone or via email. For Larger house removals, please call our office or fill out our contact form on our website. Our team can then arrange a suitable time to complete a viewing of the property and provide you with the best removal quote.

    How much notice should i give ?

    We will, and  have carried out same day removals, however we advise that you give as much notice as you possibly can. Planning and organisation are the key factors to any successful move.

    What time will you arrive on the day ?

    We will always work to fit within your schedule and will arrive at the time that suits you. However we will discuss this with you, bearing in mind times of exchange and keys being released.

    Will my items be fully insured ?

    We are fully insured for all our vehicles, staff are fully insured for the movement of household item(s) (however our staff will always take great care when moving your belonging (s)

    Will my item(s) be protected in the van ?

    Yes all our vehicles are equipped with removal blankets, however if you have decided to do your own packing it is your responsibility to protect your item(s) before hand you can purchase packing supplies from our online store.

    How long will my move take ?

    How long is a piece of string?! Removals differ greatly depending on many factors. The average move (if such a thing exists) will take up to lunch time to load, at which point you hand over your keys and all being well pick up the keys to your new house. After a break for lunch the removal men will then unload your possessions into your new house. Unloading is usually quicker because the removal men aren’t trying to pack everything into a small space (the van) and could be finished around 4 o’clockish.

    Can i do my own packing ?

    Yes of course! We offer a wide range of specialist removal boxes, as well as your standard boxes and packing materials, we are always happy to give packing advice – especially if it is your first big move. If you would like to save time and back strain get in touch and our team will assist you.

    What is my quote based on ?

    Our quotes are based on a number of factors we treat each quote individually and base the price on your specific needs.  These include:

    •  Location
    • Distance of move
    • Complexity of move (which floor etc)
    • Size of vehicle needed
    • Number of removal men needed
    • Amount of time needed

    Our packing services, boxes / packaging  and storage facilities are additional and priced accordingly.

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