First time buyers in Leicester

When looking to buy your very first home don’t feel alone their is financial government help out their just for first time buyers in Leicester who are trying to get their foot on to the property this year

When thinking of buying a home, all first time buyers in Leicester will need to consider and think through the costs of using a professional house removals company, solicitors fees, stamp duty, and  all the other bills you will incur once you have moved in to your new home.

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The Government help to buy scheme covers first time buyers in Leicester, along with people and families moving into a new build property that is only bought from a help to buy building firm.When using this type of scheme you will not be able to sub-let the property at all.

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For first time buyers in Leicester you will be able to choose a new property for you or your family in a price range of up to £600,000.

First time buyers in Leicester will need to make a deposit on the property of up to 5%.

The Government will provide you with a loan on your property of up to 20% of the actual price.

Now you will need to speak with your bank to arrange a mortgage for the 75%

In the first 5 years of moving into the property you will not be charge for any loan fees at all.

In the 6th year of living in your new home you will have to make extra payment of 1.75% on the value of your loan.

After this by the 7th year you will have to make further payments as the fees will rise yearly.

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The Government has launched 4 different types of schemes to help you to gain your foot on to the property ladder these include

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Help to Buy Equity Loanshelp to buy

Shared Ownership

New Buy

Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantees

All of these schemes are available for first time buyers in Leicester and the entire length of the UK.

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