MnM Removals use hand trucks to make your move safer and easier

Hand trucks which are also known as two wheeler, stack trucks, trolley trucks or bag barrows. It is an L shaped hand cart with handles at one end, wheels at the base with a small ledge to place items on, flat against the floor when the hand truck is upright. The items to be moved are tilted forward, the ledges is inserted underneath them, which allows the items to tilt back and rest on the ledge. Then the truck and items are tilted backwards until the weight is balanced over large wheels, making otherwise bulky and heavy objects easier to move. It is a first class lever.

Some hand trucks are equipped with stair climber wheels, which as the name implies, are designed to go up and down stairs. Stair climber wheels can sometimes be problematic when trying to turn on flat ground as four wheels in a fixed position will be in contact with the ground.

Hand trucks are fabricated from many different types of materials, tube steel, aluminium tube, aluminium extrusion and high impact plastics. Most commercial hand trucks that are used for beverages and food service deliveries are rugged and light weight. They are usually designed from two extruded aluminium channel side rails and cast aluminium parts.

Some of the options that may be considered are the types of wheels, stair climber, handle type and size of wheels.

Other things to be considered should be the load shape compared with the back rest shape. i.e cylinder shaped loads should sit on curved back rests. Also the environmental condition that the truck will be operating in. For example on loose or unevan ground oversize wheels are a huge advantage, solid or puncture proof  tires are also a bonus.

Bear in mind the size of  the load in comparison to the length of the toe plate or nose plate, a good rule of thumb is that the toe or nose should be  1 3rd of the length of the load.

Also be cautious with capacities as these are invariably de- rated when handling long loads.

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