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A brief description of the items that can be packed by our home packing team:

  • cup

    Small Items / Breakables

    • China / Glassware
    • Cutlery / Utensils
    • T.v s & Electricals
    • Mirrors & Pictures

  • house

    Household Furniture

    • Sofas & Armchairs
    • Dressers / Cabinets
    • Bed Frames & Mattresses
    • Dining Tables & Chairs
  • mower

    Garden / Garage

    • Plant Pots / Planters
    • Outdoor Tables & Chairs
    • Garden Tools
    • Garden Statues / Bird tables

A brief description of how we will pack & protect your items

cupSmall Items / Breakables

Each item will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and/or brown paper before being placed into the appropriate sized removal boxes. All boxes will then be clearly labelled “FRAGILE” along with their content description, this will help a lot when it comes to unpacking.

houseHousehold Furniture

When it comes to packing your household furniture each individual piece will be separately wrapped using bubble wrap and foam wrap for added protection. These types of items will be clearly labelled “FRAGILE” and will have the up most care taken when being moved and placed into the van.

mowerGarden / Garage

Our home packing team will ensure that: all long-handled garden tools such as brooms, mops and spades are bundled together securely. Small ceramic or pottery planters etc will be packed individually. We will always remember to put a few air holes in the bags to allow your plants to breath.

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