Organized house removal checklists & moving guides to help with your home move

Try to start the packing at least 4 weeks prior to your move. Pack just a few boxes a day, ensuring every thing is safely packed and ready for the removal men on your removals day.

  • key

    Waiting for keys
    Avoid waiting for keys. Ask your estate agent in advance when you will get the new keys for your home

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  • pets

     Moving with pets
    Organize a friend to take the pets, or keep them in a spare room while the move is under way

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  • moving children

    Moving with children
    We advise that younger children are best with family or friends, when the move is in operation

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  • plant

    Moving with house plants
    Extra care should be taken when preparing house plants for a removal. Plants are delicate

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  • price

    £ Money Saving Tips
    Organizing a home or property clearance, could help to lower the cost of your house removal

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  • remember

    Who To Inform Of Move
    When moving to a new home you will need to notify the relevant providers of your house removal

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  • 4weeks

    4 week Countdown
    A helpful weekly house removal countdown starting 4 weeks before your move date

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  • oap

     Elderly & Moving Home
    Moving home is always a stressful time. Elderly people moving home may need a little extra help

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  • disabled

    Disabled & Moving Home 
    We understands that if you are disabled and moving home, this can be a very unsettling experience

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