House Removals in Buckingham

Professional Support & Removal Experts With All House Removals in Buckingham and Buckinghamshire

Welcome to our home moving company. We provide our clients with the following services, self storage, house clearance and house removals in Buckingham and Buckinghamshire. Whether you are moving home locally or moving a long distance your move will be in the best of hands and care. You will be allocated your very own personal move consultant, who will plan and organize your move from start to end, ensuring your move is a success and pleasant experience.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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How much will my house removals in Buckingham cost me?

The actual price of your house removal will depend on a number of factors. These factors are based on the volume of furniture, belongings and items you have to be moved. The access to the property, whether a home packing services is taken and distance to the new home will determine your removal price.

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Do I have to pack or will my moving company pack for me?

This totally up to you, our removals company and specialists home packing team can provide a superior home packing service, saving you valuable time, money and hard work. Our home packing service will save you finding removal boxes and packaging, as our friendly packing team will have all the supplies you’ll need to ensure your home is wrapped, packed and boxes safely. Here are some tips to help you complete a Self Pack.

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Can I have my items and furniture cleared before my house removal?

Yes, we complete house clearance services for all types of clients and businesses within Buckingham and Buckinghamshire. Our dedicated house clearance team will ensure all requested items from your home are cleared. When completing your house clearance we aim to donate 85% of your old furniture and items to local charities within Buckinghamshire. The other 15% will be sent to be recycled in to raw materials.

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Will my house removals take down all my larger items and furniture?

This is standard procedure for our dismantling and assembling team. They specialize in ensuring all beds, 3 door wardrobes, dinning tables, washing machines, fridges, and sofas are all dismantled, not only will we dismantle your furniture, we will put it all up in the correct rooms in the new home, ensuring you and the children have a comfy bed to settle into for the first night in your new home.

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If you are moving home and planning a house removals in Buckingham or Buckinghamshire, then get in touch with our friendly team today, so we can help to ensure you receive the best price quote, the best house removal services and the best moving advice and support from day 1.

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