How we can help with your house removals in Worksop

Moving house in Worksop doesn’t need to be a stressful or unhappy experience. Pre planning and organizing along with choosing the right house removal company will ensure that your house removals in Worksop is a stress free and pleasant experience. Below we have listed our top 5 tips to help you get the ball rolling with planning your home removal in Worksop.


1. Choosing a house removal company -This may be one of the hardest decisions that you have to make during the house removal process. Choosing a removal company is about choosing a company that is right for you, plenty of companies may have a good reputation or a known brand name however this does not always mean that they have all the tools and experience to be able to accommodate your particular needs or requirements. A good removal company should always offer a free of charge, no obligation home viewing to assess the property and items, this is a great time to meet the company face to face and ask as many questions as you need to address all of the concerns that you may have. Some of these questions may include :

  • Will your items be insured ?

    What size vehicles are available ?

    How many removal men will attend ?

    Will it be a fixed price quotation ?

  • Are additional services available? ( packing, dismantling etc )

    Does the company have experience ?

    Are packing materials available ?

    How much notice will they need ?

Once you have asked all of the relevant questions and feel confident with the answers that you receive you will be in a much better and informed position to make the right choice when choosing a company to assist with your house removals in Worksop.

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2. Arrange a home clearance – Once you have started the task of home packing you may discover that you have a lot of unwanted or unused items. Why not arrange a home clearance to help decrease the clutter before your removal. This will no only give your new home a clean and clutter free appearance but will also help to keep removal costs down. Start by sorting all items into 3 piles. 1 for items you want to keep and relocate with you to your new home. 2 for items that you can donate or re home with friend or family and finally pile 3 for items to be cleared. Once you have all of the items that you wish to be cleared you can contact your chosen removal company who should be able to arrange the clearance prior to your move.

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3. Packing your home – Packing the contents of your home can also be a time consuming and physically challenging task. If you decide not to enlist the help of a professional home packing service and complete the task yourself then you should start as early as possible. Start with areas and items that are not regularly used  such as the attic, shed and spare rooms etc. Protect all fragile items with bubble / foam wrap before placing into cushioned double walled house removal boxes, be sure to clearly label each box, this will help you when it comes to unpacking in your new home.

More tips & advice on home packing

4. Dismantle Your Items – Once your move date is in sight you will need to consider your options regarding the dismantling and reassembly of any required items. These items could range from the most obvious items such as beds, cots and wardrobes but may also include less obvious items such as dining tables, gym equipment, sofas and  many more items. Dismantling items can be a tricky and time consuming task and if done incorrectly items can be damaged or difficult to reassemble. This is why it may be the best option to enlist the help of the professionals and request a dismantling and assembly service from your chosen house removal company in Worksop.

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5. Arrange Storage – If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have sold your current home but have a time delay in receiving the keys for your new home you may require some home storage. You may have the keys to the new property but wish to delay the move in order to allow yourself time to decorate or renovate. Whatever the reason you require storage your chosen removal company should be equipped to provide you with a home storage quotation. You should always request that you can have access to  your storage unit and preferably you should hold any keys.

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Following our 5 simple tips will help you to ensure that your house removals in Worksop is a relaxing experience from start to finish for you and the whole family.  Just remember to start early and choose a removal company that you feel comfortable with, enough to ask any questions or address any concerns that you may have regarding the house removal process.


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