Booking your house removals when moving home during the school summer holidays can help to make your move easier

We all know moving home with children in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or the East Midlands is not an easy task, fitting the move around school runs or keeping the kids entertained while the removal men are loading furniture, can be a lot to deal with for some people. The beauty of booking your house removals when moving home during the school summer holidays is that you will not need to have the worry of the school runs, morning or afternoons, the children can get involved in the move and pack their own bedroom and toys, this will be something exciting for them and boy will they look forward to it.

With all the stress and excitement adults face when moving home, it can become easy to forget about how the little ones will cope with the change of house, bedroom, friends, schools and the move in general. Keeping the children informed and involved in the moving process will help them to come to terms with the changes and their new home environment. Provide them with their own storage boxes and challenge them to sort out their own items, you will be surprised at how organized they can be when given the chance.

House removals when moving home during the school summer holidays makes your life 10 times easier, as you will not need to leave the move unattended to pick up the toddlers from school, meaning you can delegate the move and movers to your satisfaction. The summer holidays will also give you the time required to settle in to your new home and unpack in your own time. We all know week ends can fly by really quickly and if you have tonnes of boxes and items to unpack the week-end might not be enough time. Moving during the summer holidays will ensure you have enough time to unpack your home belongings.

Tips for moving home with children during the school summer holidays

Sit down with the family and decide what each person wants for the new home. The kids may want a play room, while mum would like a fitted or walk in wardrobe, the point is what ever you require for your new home, try to plan them out with the family.

Take the children for the day out to meet the new house. See what attractions the new area has to offer. For example Nottingham City Centre is famous for its ice skating ring, while Leicester has a theater that holds special shows for the kids and family. These outings will help to stable the children making them see the move and new home in a positive way.

If the new home requires some DIY, not only will the school holidays be one of the perfect times to get the jobs completed, but you’ll have helpful hands to help complete those jobs with you. Children love to decorate their own room, picking their own colors or wall paper and some times matching curtains and bed sheets.

When booking a house removal during the school summer holidays, children can get frustrated that they will not be able to see or spend the school summer holidays with their friends. Parents moving home will experience this at some point during the move, especially for children from the age of 8 and above this can be a traumatic time. School Summer holidays are the times children have been waiting for, taking trips abroad with the family, relaxing with friends and exploring their community. Once this has been taken away they will need something to keep their mind occupied. Try to organize something for them to do once you have arrived at the new home, as they may get bored and agitated not being able to spend time with their friends during the summer periods.

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