How long will my home move take

How long will my home move take? Is a popular question for anyone moving home.

The answer to the question ” how long will my home move take ” has many different factors to take into account. We have listed some of those deciding factors below to help you to make an informed decision on how long will my home move take

Some of the things to take into account when considering how long will my home move take Inc

The volume of items you have to be moved

Before you book a removal service you should be offered a free of charge, no obligation home viewing. This will allow the removal company to view the volume of items you have to be moved. They can then give an estimate of how long it will take to load and unload.

Access to both current and new properties

Access is a problem not to be overlooked. Difficult access in you current or new home can delay the moving process. It is always best to be honest and upfront about access problems. This gives the removal company a chance to come prepared.

Do you have items that require dismantling

If you have any larger items that require dismantling or assembling in your new home, this will add additional time onto the length of your house removal. If you require a dismantling service, discuss this with your removal company during your home viewing.

Do you already have the keys to your new home

If you do not already have the keys to your new home, it is very important to try and get a clear time of what time your keys will be released. This can save you time and money. The last thing your removal company will want to do, is to have the van(s) fully loaded with no where to go.

Local or long distance move

The distance between your old and new homes will play a huge part in the time your home move will take. Once the van(s) are loaded and ready to go you may have a long drive ahead. Your removal company will take this into account when quoting your move.

Are you having a home packing service

If you decide to have a packing service, your removal company will usually complete this the day prior to your move, making your move a two day experience.

All of the above will affect the answer to how long will my home move take?

Even after taking into account all of the factors mentioned you will still not be able to have an exact time scale of how long your home relocation is likely to take.

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