How Much Moving Home Costs When Relocating Home in Harworth Nottinghamshire

House Removal Cost | The question many people and their families ask when planning a house removal to a new home, is how much moving home costs when relocating home in Harworth Nottinghamshire. Depending on your current circumstances you will have a selection of payments that you will need to make before and after your move, these may include:

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To be eligible to obtain a mortgage from your lenders you will always be required to pay a deposit. The amount will depend upon the type of mortgage you have chosen and the amount can vary from 5% – 20% on average, depending on the value of the property you wish to buy.

Set Up Fees

Set up fees range from £99 – £250 and are used for mortgage applications. This payment may be refunded if your mortgage application is denied or rejected or the completion falls through.

Valuation Fees

The value of your property will determine how much you will be charged by your lenders  for your property to go through a full valuation. Charges may range from roughly £150 – £1150 some lenders may cover this cost for you.

Higher Lending Fees

Depending on the amount you have borrowed your lender may require a higher lending fee. This will be taken as insurance for the lender that will cover you if you are unable to make any of your monthly payments. Lenders can however still hold you liable for the outstanding amounts owed.

Search Fees

Search fees between £250 – £300 are taken to allow your lenders to search all local authorities so that they may report to you any up coming plans for construction or road works etc in your new area.

Legal Cost

Legal costs will need to be paid to solicitor or conveyor who is responsible for any legal work involved in moving home. Prices usually range from £500 – £1000. Remember to budget for vat on top of any prices quoted.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty amounts will depend on the value of the home you want to purchase. Stamp duty is a tax paid by the Buyer.


HomeBuyers are requested to pay for the cost of any surveys required on the property. Building and structural surveys are the most common along with home condition surveys for new build homes.

Estate Agent Fees

Estate agent fees of around 1% – 3% plus 20% vat are expected to be paid by the seller to the agent who has marketed and eventually sold the property for you.

House removal Costs

Allow and budget for house removal expenses. Hiring a man and van may seem like a cheaper option however when moving your valuable and precious possessions it is always advisable to use a professional and reliable removal company. The cost for a home removal will vary depending on the size of your home, the distance of your move as well as any additional services you may require, such as, a home packing service, unpacking service or dismantling and assembling. Average house removals cost locally are between £350 – £750 +.

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