How To Assemble a Double Bed When Moving House

It is best to make sure your bed is being put together correctly, otherwise it could collapse and fall, its always good idea to keep these instructions safe to help you when assembling your bed, you may only need a screwdriver, alan keys, nuts and bolts if required, not all beds are assembled in the exact same way, always check the bolts on the instructions they came with.

Practical Advice On How To Assemble a Double Bed For House Removals

How to assemble a bed

When assembling a bed decide exactly where in the house you are going to place it before putting it up.
Take all the parts out of the packaging and place the packaging into a separate room to allow for extra space while working.
Once sure all the parts of the bed are there we can then start the build.
First we start  separating all pieces of the base of the bed, by placing the headboard against the wall which it is going to stay against.
We should now have 3 pieces of the base of the bed left, the bottom base and the two sides of the bed.
Take 1 side of the bed base this should be approx 6.5ft in length which will have metal brackets attached to either end.
You should have some screws and bolts that came with the bed, the screw will be quite long and will have an Alan key head which will be the support of the beds base.
Take two of these screws and thread them through the bracket holes on the side base of the bed, in to the headboard.
Using a Alan key to fasten the side base of the bed to the headboard.
Now its time to complete the opposite side of the bed, take the second side base and line the wholes with the holes on the headboard. If happy all is leveled out.
Put 2 screws through the bracket holes on the side-board and the place the screws into the headboard, once your happy with the alignment proceed and tighten them up be sure all screw and bolts  are fastened well.
Attach the main feet of the bed by screwing or bolting the legs to the beds base, this is so the bed can be raised off the floor.
Look through your pieces you should have a long thin piece of wood which will have two smaller feet or poles attached for the center support bar.
Attach this wooden bar to the centre hook on the head board this is just a piece of metal that the wooden bar is attached to, the wooden bar will have its own metal hook to clip on to the headboard.
Attached the wooden frame to the headboard,  get the bottom of the bed base and connect both ends of the wooden frame to the top and the bottom base of the bed.
Get 2 screw and using your Alan key fasten the screws to the bottom base of the bed and the 2 side bases of the bed.
Your frame is now complete now we have to add the fixtures to the bed, to do so we need the slat holders which are plastic and may be black.
Place each slat holder in tho the holes on the side base of the bed.
Gather all the slats together and place them into the gaps provided into each plastic slat holders, this will complete the empty space in the bed making it much more sturdy.
Now you can place your mattress on top and relax.

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