Ideas and tips for new home movers wanting to now how to decorate a living room when moving house

The living room should feel special and comfy. It should make you feel relax and calm, after a long hard day at work. Your living room should be the place you can spend, with the rest of the family watching tv or playing games. This guide on how to decorate a living room when moving house, will help you to achieve a nice warm and welcoming living room space, for you and your family.

Before Decorating Your Living Room

When moving to your new home, it is best to start the cleaning it before you start the decorating. You will need to decide on a neutral or stylish color for your living room. There are so many colors and shades for you to choose from.

Decide on a Color Scheme for your living room

Painting the walls and ceilings can give the room a nice, brighter and cleaner effect. When painting the living room of your new house it is best to go with a more neutral color, that gives the living room a more spacious and cosy look and feel.

Mix and Match The Colors Of The Living Room To Give It That Touch Of Class

Try to make the accessories in your living room, like the curtains, blinds, rugs, lamp shades, pictures and ornaments mix and match in a simple color coded scheme. Basically adding a touch of your favorite colors to the living room. Cushions, vases and shelves can also be used to add a touch of color and style to your new living room space.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Living Room Space

To ensure your living room stays clutter free, start recycling your old, unused and unwanted items or furniture. There are many charities that you can donate your old unwanted furniture to. Donating your old, unused items and furniture will save you so much more space in your new home. If you want your living room to be welcoming you will need to dispose of all the items that are just lying around, like newspapers and magazines etc.

How to Decorate A Living Room When Moving House

How To Decorate A Living Room When Moving House

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