How To Get The Best Price For Your Move When Choosing A House Removals Company

How To Get The Best Price For Your Move When Choosing A House Removals Company

Moving Home in Thorpe Astley Leicester. Find out how to get the best price for your move when choosing a house removals company operating within Leicester or Leicestershire. As a professional and caring house removals company, the relevant information provided will help to keep the cost of moving home to a minimum.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Move When Choosing A House Removals Company In Thorpe Astley

Be Organized

When moving home you will need to still be very organize. If packing your self ensure all boxes are securely taped and labeled, ready for the movers arrive to load them on to the removal truck. Trying to finish odd jobs while the move is under way could cause issues with the new tenants waiting to move their furniture, belongings and items in to their new home.

Donate Unwanted Furniture and Items

There are many reason people moving home tend to donate, give away or send for charity, their old and unwanted furniture. Some times when moving to a new home, this will involve revamping the style of your old furniture, to fit in with your new home. This can work wonders for your removal as, this would mean you would have fewer items for your moving companies to move, resulting in a cheaper house removals quote.

Be Up Front 

Many house removal companies will complete a full home free survey and provide a full inventory of the items you wish to be moved. It is important that you show every room and item to your relocation consultant as they will be completing a full inventory that will in order your moving company to provide the adequate size vehicles, movers, packers, packing materials and so on.

If an inventory is unable to go ahead your moving company may provide a removals quote over the phone. It is always best to let your moving company know in advance of any parking issues, access issues or if the move involves climbing flights of stairs or moving specialists items like pianos. Being upfront with your moving companies, goes a long way and will iron out any difficulties or issues you may face when moving to your new home in Thorpe Astley Leicester or Leicestershire.

Get A Set Quote Instead of Hourly Rates

When booking in advance many professional removal companies will provide you with a set or fixed price quotation. This can work out much cheaper than hiring a man and van company that will only charge by the hour. With man and van hour rates, you are always left in the dark of what your move is going to actually cost you. This means you have no idea of how much you will need to budget for your move. We would always recommend choosing a house removals company that provides a set price.

Book In Advance

Many house removal companies will offer great discounts when booking your house removal in advance. This is to ensure your date is confirmed and secure, without actually booking in your move date, your chosen move date could go to the next available client, so it is vital to ensure your move date is booked in and service agreements are signed.

Pack Non-Breakable Items 

Packing some of the items your self will reduce the amount of work and packers you will need to complete a full home packing service. Many professional house removal companies will provide a part packing service, where they will come to your home, wrap, secure and prepare all your breakable and fragile items, carefully placing them into double wall removal boxes.

Mix & Match Services

Many removal companies provide great discounts to clients when booking in more than just the one service. Usually when moving home you will require additional services. These removal services may include yourHow To Get The Best Price For Your Move When Choosing A House Removals Company

  • House Removals
  • Home Packing
  • Removal Boxes & Packaging
  • Dismantling & Assembling
  • House Clearance
  • Household Self Storage

If you are planning a house relocation, why not get in touch with MnM Removals, we are local, we are flexible and we are considerate and professional. Get in touch with our customer service team today and let us help you make those great savings when moving home in Leicester, Leicestershire and the UK.

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