How To Get The Lowest Price For Your Home Move In Northamptonshire

Find out how to get the lowest price for your home move in Northamptonshire, by following our easy to use step by step guide and tips

If you are moving house, you will want to know how to get the lowest price for your home move in Northamptonshire. We all no moving home is extremely hard work, but if you can do a few simple task that could make your move cheaper, then why not.

Some times in life when important task are not completed properly, they can cost us unnecessary, time, effort and money, reading this guide will help you to avoid, making those small errors that could prove to be costly on the day of your move.

First things first, choosing the cheapest moving company in Northamptonshire, is not recommended. If you have found a removals company and they provide you with an absolute bargain price for your move, you should be very suspicious, especially if you are getting moving quotes, from other removal companies that are much higher. Choose a professional removals company that is fair and provides a service that is fit for a king. When choosing a professional company you will instantly know your move is in safe hands as they will ensure that your move is allocated a move consultant who will be available to speak to you at any time, this is the type of company you need when moving to a new house, especially when you have small children and a family.

Follow our tips listed below on how to get the lowest price for your home move in Northamptonshire

Shopping around – Try to get a few removal quotes from several moving companies, this will give you an idea of what the removal prices are, so you can compare. As well as the removal quotes, this is also a good time to check their removal services and what they can offer you or your family.

Be Upfront – When it comes to moving your home honesty is the best policy, if your removals company ask you to provide a list of the items you wish to move, list every thing for them. Most professional companies will not ask for a list of the items, but recommend that a home survey is completed, before an official removals quote is given. (which is exactly the service you want when moving home in Northamptonshire or the surrounding areas and villages).

Be packed up and ready – If you have not used your Northamptonshire house removals company for your home packing, then you will need to ensure that all boxes and furniture is dismantled and ready for your movers to take them out the door. If items are not properly packed this could prove to be costly, if items are damaged and the movers have to box up, loose items.

Book a home survey – When booking a home removal survey, your house removals company will be in a better position to provide you with a much fairer quote, rather than online or over the phone. This is a great chance for you to show every thing the removal company needs to see and know to carry out your move correctly, every move is different, your Northamptonshire moving company, will survey the access to the property, the volume of items, vehicles and removal men needed to complete the move effectively. Your home survey is a great chance to meet your moving company, face to face where you can ask questions regarding your move in more detail.

Find out when you will get the keys – Where the whole house removal can go wrong, is when estate agents do not release the keys to the new property, so you can move in and errors that have delayed the monies being transferred to relevant accounts on time, forcing the entire move to a holt. Speak to your estate agent and solicitors prior to your move to see if they can shine some light on the situation for you. Let your moving company know way in advance that you don’t have your keys to your new home. This will not be something new to them, so let them know and see if they can find the best solution for your move. Some removal companies will start your move later on, to avoid excessive waiting times and charges.

Make things simple – If you are moving round the corner, try taking a few items in the car (if possible) this will help reduce the amount of items your moving company will have to move.

Choose smaller trucks – If you are moving just round the corner, then why do you need a 18 tonne removal truck. When you could have a 10 tonne truck doing two trips, this may take the movers an extra half hour to an hour longer, but could bring the price of your move down dramatically.

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