5 Tips on How To Move Home in Rushden Northamptonshire

Are you a first time homebuyers? Moving home for the first time in Rushden Northamptonshire or surrounding towns? If so we have provided a must see guide on the best way on how to move home in Rushden Northamptonshire. Our easy to read guide will ensure you have the upper hand on your removals day.

The best moving checklists on how to move home in Rushden Northamptonshire

Request A Home Survey

When contacting your chosen house removals company in Rushden regarding your home move. Never accept a removals quote straight over the phone. Unless you have provided your house removals company with a full list or images of the furniture & items to be moved.

As professional removals company we would always recommend that customers moving home in Rushden Northamptonshire receive a Free No Obligation Home Survey. Your home survey is a great chance for you to meet our house removals company face to face, where you can decide from a wide range of moving services that meets your exact needs and requirements.


Choosing the Best Rates For Your House Removals in Rushden

When it comes to choosing the best rate for your removal , there are two main options to you can choose from. Flat Rate removals and Hourly Rates. For smaller student removals, hourly rates can be just fine, but for much larger house moves flat rate is the most cost-effective option.

Flat Rate Removal Quotes Rushden

Flat rate removals is where you will receive a set priced quotation. This is the most popular option people choose when considering how to move home in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Flat rate removals give you the peace of mind of knowing  in advance exactly how much your house removal is going to cost. This will allow you to budget for your move and concentrate on your removal and not have to watch the time or worry about the price rising on the day.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rate removals can seem appealing, however unless you are 100% sure of how long your move will take, hourly rates can soon build up and end up costing a small fortune. Bear in mind loading and unloading time along with unforeseen factors such as traffic and motorway delays.

Clear All Furniture That will Clutter Your New Home

There are 2 main reasons why you should clear your home of unused old and tatty furniture. The 1st is so you can save more space within your new home, especially if you have accumulated a lot of furniture over the years and are moving from a large house to smaller house.

The 2nd reason is to help to keep the cost of moving home in Rushden Northamptonshire to minimum. For example the more furniture you have, the more your move is likely to cost you, many Northamptonshire removal companies will base their price on the volume of furniture to be moved to the new home.

Notify the relevant providers of change of address

Organise Your BT, EON, Virgin, EE or TalkTalk Tv , broadband suppliers and change of address details, with the Royal Mail.

Be sure to arrange a date for your home Tv, Broadband, Gas, Electric and Water services to be connected. Many providers have a 4 week waiting period. We would recommend giving them a call when booking your house removals, if you are able too.

Here are the list of services you may need to contact when moving home in Rushden Northamptonshire

  • Telephone Providers

    Internet / TV Providers


    Electric Suppliers /Gas Suppliers 

  • Doctors / Healthcare Providers

    Newspaper / Magazine Supplements


    Housing / Council Tax Benefits

Find a repeatable home removal company

An important factor to think about when considering how to move home in Rushden Northamptonshire is choosing a repeatable house removal company. Recommendations from family and friends are always a good idea as they will give you a un-bias view on the removal companies for you.

Other factors to consider when choosing a removal firm in Northamptonshire include:

Do they offer a free home survey, Do they offer flat rate or hourly rate quotes, How many removal men will be provided, Do they offer additional removal services such as:

Home Packingservices j

Dismantling & Assembly

House Clearance

Home Storage

If you are moving home in Rushden, Northamptonshire

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