Great advice on how to Move Home with a Fish tank in Leicester

If you are troubled by how to move home with a fish tank in Leicester then following these recommendations you should be able to successfully establish a healthy aquarium in a relatively short period of time, safe in the knowledge that your fish will have undergone very little stress during the moving process.

Positioning your Tank in your New Home:

Your fish tank should be moved either first or last on the day of your move, causing the least disruption possible the the fish.

Finding the correct position in your new home for the tank is very important and should be given alot of thought and planning.

A room with a consistent temperature is best.

Avoid direct sunlight as this can lead to poor water quality.

Handling the Fish:

You will need to start by making sure you have the correct equipment. Contact your local Aquatic store to see if they can supply the following:

  • Correctly sized clear Fish Bags – Depending on the size or amount of fish to be Moved.
  • White poly Boxes – These are a must have for fish being moved long distances.

Poly Boxes help to keep the water warm and also provide the fish with a more secure and stress free environment during the move.

Aim to fill the bag with around 25% water and as much air and oxygen as possible,it is advisable to practice this a few times.

Secure the top of the bag with a rubber band.

Once the fish are bagged you have around 12 hours before the water and oxygen deplete enough within the bags to begin causing a problem for the fish.

Remove all aquarium rocks and ornaments.

It is important to keep as much of the old water from your tank as possible. This will help settle your fish once in your new home.

Setting the tank up In your New Home:

Once you have your tank in the correct position you can now start adding the water back in.

Depending on the amount of water you have saved will determine how soon you can add the fish to the tank.

Once the tank is half full it is advisable to now put back all electrical equipment, plants, ornaments and stones.

You can now start to fill the tank, using as much of the original water you have saved as possible.

Adding a dechlorinating agent to the water as a precautionary measure is always advisable.

You may want to increase the temperature of the water by a few degrees.

You should now have a fully operational tank.

Introducing the fish into the tank:

Exposing the fish to alot of light straight away is not a good idea, gradually remove the lid from the poly box allowing more light in gradually over a 20 min period.

You should now place the fish in their bags into the water and allow them to float which will let the fish acclimatize at a comfortable pace.

After around 20 min you can start by opening the bags and letting a little water into the bag. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times or until the bag is full.

At this stage it is completely normal for you fish to swim and hide in the corner of the tank or behind ornaments.

It is advisable to leave the lights out for the first 5 to 6 hours and monitor your fish.

Testing your water quality will enable you to see that all water parameters are safe for the fish and that the filter has successfully returned to its previous condition.

Provided you take care and follow our how to move home with a fish tank in Leicester guide we are confident that you will soon be enjoying the beauty of your aquarium in your new home.


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