How to organize your electricity supply

At MnM Removals we have come up with a step by step guide on how to organize your electricity supply for your new premises, up dating your existing connection as smoothly as can be.


When moving home you will need to notify your electricity supplier at least 7 days prior to moving in, so that they can connect the electricity to your new property before you have moved in.

When buying a new property it can take several weeks before your electricity and meter is connected to the mains supply of the house, double check this with your builders to be sure.

A lot of electric companies operate from a Monday to Friday, not many work on weekends so check the date you are moving to avoid any delays to your electricity being installed.

This is a good chance for you to compare the electricity market for a cost-effective energy plan to suit your household and requirements.

You may wish to have a green energy plan in place, getting your power from recyclable sources, such as wind, Hydro and Solar resources, which is both great for the back pocket and our environment

Find out which electricity supplier will cover your home, if you have problems finding this out ask the previous tenants, landlord or try calling your local directory.

Write down the meter reading and pass this information to your new suppliers on the day you actually move in, If you do not do this you could be paying for the previous tenants debt as well so be sure to seek this information with your new supplier they will put you on the right path.

If however you do forget to have your electricity connected in time you could have an emergency call out to your home but your supplier may charge for this service.

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  1. Helpful advice you have shared here. I appreciate your writing because you have posted article for your most focused audience who are willing to move. Electricity connectivity is one of the inevitable requirement one has to manage before moving. As you have suggested above to check out best energy deals from leading suppliers. Great article very helpful information.

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