How To Pack China and Fragile Items when Moving Home

Following our helpful tips and step by step guide on how to pack china and fragile items when moving home, will ensure the safety of your most precious and fragile items and belongings, when being moved to your new home or being kept in storage facilities stacked up on top of each other.

The best tips and advice on how to pack china and fragile items when moving home

packing delicates

Use strong sturdy double wall moving boxes when packing your china and fragile items.

In some cases when packing delicate items it is good to double box them to give your china the extra protection they need when moving home.

Gather as many double wall boxes, wrapping paper, and plenty of bubble, your chosen moving company should be able to supply all boxes and packaging materials you’ll need for your move.

Styrofoam pieces can be used to cover the bottom and sides of the boxes, providing maximum protection and helping the item to be stable when being moved around by the removal men.

When packing your china place a box on the floor, never place the box high up or the sides where it could fall.

Wrap each item separately starting with the kitchen as this could take the longest time with all the fragile and delicate items to wrap.

Place a layer of wrapping paper to the bottom of the box, place another layer of bubble wrap over the wrapping paper.

Take the item you want to wrap and carefully wrap using the wrapping paper, further protect your item by wrapping it in bubble wrap and tape tightly together.

Be sure no part of the item is left exposed, and place in to your box.

Repeat this process for all fragile items until your box is safely full.

If you have gaps in the box use Styrofoam pieces to fill the gaps, bedding and soft materials can also be used to cushion your fragile items when inside the box.

Once happy that your box is packed correctly label it and tape it up using fragile tape.

fragile items

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