Follow our guide on how to pack glasses and cups when moving home

Use this step-by-step guide by MnM Removals on how to pack glasses and cups when moving home to ensure they get to your new home in one piece. Delicate and fragile items like glasses, cups and plates are very easily broken, hiring the professionals could save you damaging your most expensive glasses and plates.


  • If you can’t find a divided box, then use a small to medium size box and line it with bubble-wrap.
  • Place a stack of pre-cut plain newsprint on the table or other flat surface.
  • Take the first glass and place it on the pile of newsprint. Wrap two sheets of newsprint around the glass, making sure you line the inside.
  • Place the second glass inside the first one. This is called nesting. Then take two more sheets of newsprint and line the inside of the second glass. Insert another glass.
  • You can nest three or four glasses, depending on their size and weight. Lay the stack of glasses diagonally across the pile of newsprint.
  • Holding the corner of the newsprint closest to you, wrap another two sheets of newsprint around the stack and tuck in the ends.
  • For extra protection, wrap the stack in a sheet of bubble wrap and secure the ends.
  • Place glasses in bottom of box or into one of the sections if using a divided box.
  • Once you’ve filled the box, add extra newsprint or bubble-wrap on top. Seal the box and mark it “Fragile: Glassware” and label it accordingly.


  • Purchase box dividers, white tissue wrapping paper and bubble wrap from  our online packaging store. This will help to provide extra protection for your glassware.
  • Pack stacks of glasses in an individual box or place in another box with other fragiles. Just make sure the glasses are put in last on top of the other items.
  • Don’t over pack the box, however, make sure there isn’t empty space where glasses can shift about. Extra space should be filled with rolled up newspaper or bubble-wrap.

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