The ultimate step-by-step guide on how to plan moving house in the High Peak, Derbyshire

When planning your home relocation in Derbyshire, there will be a lot of detailed planning and organizing to be done. It is always best to give your self enough time to prepare and plan your entire move carefully. Our guide on how to plan moving house in the high peak, Derbyshire, will ensure you do the right things and make the right choices for your home move.

Find the best advice on how to plan moving house in High Peak, Derbyshire

Decide how long you have to prepare for your move

Many home owners are left unaware of exactly when their homes will be sold or contracts will be signed. This can make it difficult to plan your home move in advance, especially if you have been told by your agents that you have move in the following week. Due to this you will have less time to prepare for your move.

The more time you have to plan and conduct your move carefully, will help to ensure your home is safely packed and boxed. This will help to save valuable time and money in the long run. Every home owner should have a stress free moving experience planning in your advance will help to keep the costs of moving to a minimum.

Do you require any assistance with your home move in High Peak, Derbyshire

When moving home it easy to under-estimate the amount of furniture you actually have to be moved. If you are thinking of completing some of the tasks your self, decide what tasks you will do, whether that be dismantling 3 door wardrobes, beds, and other larger furniture, completing your own packing. If you have a lot of items and plan to complete a few of  your own tasks, be sure to ask friends or family for a helping hand, this will help to reduce the amount of work you will have to do, before your removal company arrives.

Booking your professional house removals company in High Peak, Derbyshire

When moving house in Derbyshire, big or small, it is always best to arrange your removals company in advanced. We would recommend contact your company at the least, 4 weeks before your move date. This will give you time to complete your tasks knowing your move is fully booked in. One thing we will say to clients when booking their house removals company in Derbyshire, is to have this in writing or signed contract, with the price and removal work to be carried out.

Many house removal companies in Derbyshire will provide a free home survey and quotation. We would highly recommend clients request a home survey, from their removals company when moving home. This will help to iron out any difficulties or issues you may have regarding your move.

How far are your travelling to your new home address?

If you are moving locally or a few streets away, you may be able to move smaller items your self. This can help reduce the overall costs of your move making it much cheaper.

When moving long distances or to another city, town or country, you will have a lot more to plan and think about. If moving to a new town or city in Derbyshire, you will need to decide how you will get there, prior to the moving company. You will need to plan your train, coach or bus times, so you can arrive prior to the movers. If travelling with children pack toys and food for the journey.

If you have a car this is a more simple process, we would urge that you check your car is road worthy for long distance travel, you have a sat nav or map and know exactly where you are going, the last thing you want is to get lost on the way to your new home. Pack a box with goodies for the children and some sandwiches and drinks, that will help to keep your energy up and the kids happy, while you are driving.

Decide how much your move is going to cost and how much you can afford to pay for your move

Before you can deciding how much money you will need to save, for your house removal costs, your removals company will need to complete a home survey. Once your home survey is complete, you will then receive your quote in writing, helping you plan and save for your move in advance.

When moving home some times clients can under-estimate the additional costs involved when moving house in High Peak, Derbyshire. As Well as your house removals costs, there are many additional moving fees involved when buying and moving house, these may include:

  • Deposits

    Stamp Duty

    Survey Costs

    Mortgage Application Fees

  • Building Insurance

    Content Insurance

    Solicitor Fees

    Estate Agent Fees

Decide on what furniture to take with you and what you’ll give away or recycle

Over the years we accumulate a whole heap of new items and furniture for our homes. Whether it be stored in the garage, garden, shed or even in the attic or cupboards. You will need to prepare the time to go through these items throughly to decide what is for keeps and what is no longer need any more.

This is totally your decision and you are not entitled to recycle or give away any of your items unless you want to. However if you are down sizing, from a large home you’ll need to decide whether all your items and furniture will fit comfortably into your new home.

Many removal companies can help you to donate old unwanted items and furniture to local charities in Derbyshire.

Arrange a safe and secure storage facility for your furniture

Some times when moving home you may need to arrange storage for your items. This can be for many reasons. If you are having building work completed on your new home, the builders can sometimes be delayed, which can lead to customers furniture ending up in to storage until the work on the new home is complete.

This can sometimes leave customers with nowhere to live, having reside at friends or families or even hotels. This is something we would ask customers to be aware of especially if you are moving home and having building work carried out on your new home.

Many customers will require storage facilities, if something is too big to fit into your new home, like a sofa, which can happen from time to time. Reserving a room with a storage company in your new area will help save time if something does not fit into your new home. We would always recommend that you check and measure your exit points at your new home just to be sure you’ll fit your most biggest items.

Let your moving company know of any specialists items you have to move

Some times when completing a move customers will have specialists item like pianos, safes or volts. It is always best to let your moving company know of any awkward, heavy items that may require specialists moving equipment and team to move it safely to its destination.

Try to arrive at your new home before the movers arrive to unload your furniture

Arrive at you ne home a few hours prior to your moving company. This will give you the time you need to prepare and clean your new home before all the furniture is off loaded. Once loaded it will be much harder to reach and clean those hard to reach places, within your home.

If you have a partner, one of you could stay with the movers and lock up, while the other leaves early to clean the new house.

If you are moving on your own, then you should be able to rely on your movers to leave them with the keys to lock up after they have loaded the removal truck. This will of course depend on how much cleaning work, you’ll have to do in your new home.

Who to notify when moving to your new home

When moving house in High Peak, Derbyshire, you will need to notify your service providers, that you are moving to your new home. We have listed a few providers and services that you may require once you have moved into your new home.

  • Water Provider

    Gas Provider

    Electricity Provider

    Telephone Provider

    TV Licencing




  • DVLA

    Vehicle Insurance


    Friends and Relatives


    Council Tax

    Local Authorities


If you require professional assistance on how to plan moving house in High Peak, Derbyshire

How to plan moving house in High Peak, Derbyshire

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