How To Prepare For A House Removals In Newmarket

Things you may need to do when preparing your home for house removals in Newmarket Suffolk


Need professional advice and tips on how to organize and prepare for your house removal when moving home in Newmarket Suffolk. Look no further than MnM Removals we are fast, friendly and professional moving company offering superb removal services to our clients at the most affordable price.

House removals can cost any thing from £100’s and sometimes £1000’s so it pays to ensure you chose an expert removal company just like MnM Removals that knows exactly what they are doing in order for you and your family to have a stress free home move.

Step 1 – De-clutter your home of items you will not want, use or need

The best place to start when preparing for a house removal in Newmarket or Suffolk is to get rid of all those old, tatty, worn items and furniture that you will not have room for or use in the new house. This will ensure you get the maximum space out your new home and that stays clutter free.

2 – Choose a removal company and have your chosen moving date booked in

You will need to locate a professional moving firm operating within Newmarket or Suffolk that meets all your demands and needs. The best way to chose your moving company is to arrange for a FREE Home Survey where one of their repersenatives will visit you at home to discuss the options and removal services availble to you. Once you are happy with the first meeting with the company and you have 100% trust in them go ahead and have your move date booked.

You can check on moving companies in Newmarket or Suffolk by their reviews and referal systems or through idependent review websites like

3 – Let Your service providers know you will be moving home

Notify all your service proiders that you will be moving to your new home, so that they can updated your personal details and new home address. There are so many orgaisations you may need to contact you will need to ensure that you give your self enough time, we estimate upto 4 weeks in advance:

Orgaisations you may need to contact include:

  • Gas, water and electricity
  • Tv, broadband and phone line
  • Schools, colleges and unerversities
  • Doctors, dentist and optians
  • Royal Mail, Inland Revenue and DVLA


Step 4 – Doing your own packing and how to pack like a pro

Time is essential when packing your home furniture, items and belongings: You will need to purchase all the packing materials you will need (your moving company may offer discount on packaging products) be sure to order top quality as they will ensure your household possessions are safe and secure during transit to the new home location.

It is always a good idea to start the packing process within the kitchen, as this is the room the family all use and spend their time at some point, so the kitchen is a room of the house that can accumalate a lot of items, furniture, toys and belongings that require packing as well as your delictate items like plates and glasses.

If you are doing your own home packing give your self at least 4 weeks. Pack just a few removal boxes a day as this will reduce the stress involved and not make it seem as much of chore. When packing your own home be sure to have all bigger bulkier furniture dismantled and each piece wrapped using either, bubble wrap, corrogated cardboard rolls or removal blankets. Your moving company will expect all items to be protected, secure and ready to be moved to the new home in time for removals day.

If you are planning a house removal in Newmarket

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