How to prepare your appliances for removal when moving home

While moving to a new place is always exciting, preparing to move is a lot of work. Top on your to-do list may be packing, changing your address with the post office, even saying goodbye to neighbors. But don’t overlook another crucial step before moving day: how to prepare your appliances for removal. Our moving company requires that all major appliances are prepared for the move before our team arrives (We do offer this service for an additional fee).  If you decide to prepare them yourself contact the dealer for specific move instructions or refer to the owner’s manual if you have a copy to ensure you  prepare your appliances for removal safely.


If you are wondering how to prepare your appliances for removal just follow our step by step guide

When moving your home appliances, you will need to carefully disconnected them from the mains electric supply, with all the cables strap them up with some safety tape to the side of each appliance.

Washing Machine

The first thing that you will need to do before preparing your appliances for removal is to ensure that your washing machine is unplugged from the mains supply. Take out all clothing and washing powder etc to avoid to avoid spilling when it is moved. You will need to drain out the access water from the over flow pipes at the back of the washing machine before moving.

Fridge Freezer

To move a heavy item like a fridge freezer you will need to disconnect from the mains supply at least 24hrs prior to moving it, take out all the food and drinks inside and defrost the freezer component and drain the access water at the back of the fridge freezer into a bowl. Clean inside and leave for up to 24hrs for it to dry again. By placing baking soda inside the fridge and the freezer section it will keep it smelling clean and fresh. The fridge freezer doors should be left slightly ajar.

Tumble Dryer

Take out all clothing from inside the tumble dryer and then disconnect from the electric supply. You will need to remove the vents and clamps but keep them safe as you will need to put them back on later.

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