The best Information on How to properly pack and move a bed

Follow our simple step by step guide on how to properly pack and move a bed

Properly packing and moving a bed is an important part of moving home. Whether you choose to do it on your own or ask a friend for a helping hand follow our easy steps on how to properly pack and move a bed, to ensure that everything makes it to your new home in good condition.

Pack up the bedding

If  you have the bag that your duvet/sheets came in you can use this to pack your bedding into, otherwise an XL bin liner or bag will do

Remove the mattress

 Once you have removed your duvet/sheets you can now lift off the mattress, we would recommend that you use a mattress protector sheet or bag to protect from dust, dirt,debris and anything else.

Disassemble the bed frame 

The next step could be very easy or difficult. It all depends on your bed. If you decide to disassemble the bed your self please pay close attention to every detail so that you are prepared to reassemble it. Make sure you keep any screws,nuts,bolts,washers or allen keys in a safe place for when you need them.

Wrap up the large pieces

Once you have disassembled your bed you can now wrap the headboard, foot board  and side rails, and any other large pieces.

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