The essential guide on how to save money on energy bills when moving home in Leicester, Leicestershire Midlands and the Uk

This is the saying we all know so well, the more you invest in your property, the move you make and save in the long-term, the same applies when designing your home to be the most energy efficient it can be. Today we are going to tell you how to save money on energy bills when moving house in Leicester, Leicestershire and the Uk.

When the cold weather starts to hit the UK, household energy bills and heating bills will rice by up to 20%, which can leave many struggling families in the cold throughout our coldest times of the year. There are many ways to cut the costs of rising energy bills. Following this step-by-step guide on how to save money on energy bills when moving home in the UK, will ensure the correct measures are taken to help cut those rising costs of energy bills when living in the UK.

Make those great savings today by following the ultimate guide and tips below on how to save money on energy bills when moving home

How To Use Your Thermostat

How To Save Money On Energy Bills When Moving Home

1) Keeping your thermostat down to the minimum, will help cut cost by up £50 a year. Keeping the heating on very low, for a constant period of time will save money on your heating bills, rather than turning the heating up full blast for loner periods.

How To Re-use The Heat When Cooking

2) Cooking can be used to heat every room in the house, some stoves are designed to heat other sections of the house, again saving money on the heating bills. Some stoves and cookers have specialist components to heat the water, bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms within the property. This is using energy to its full potential, but at the same time keeping heating bills down to minimum.

How To Insulating Your Home

How To Save Money On Energy Bills When Moving Home

3) Considering fitting Loft insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation within your home. This will help keep your home draft free and the inside structure of your home warm, overall you home could be up to 30%. warmer, again helping saving on the energy bills up to 20%, in total you could save up to £130 a year on heating bills a year.

Ways To Avoid Having The Heating On & Using Energy Within The Home

4) Avoid using the heating wherever possible, There are many thing you can do as a substitute for the heating. When washing clothes, instead of putting them in the dryer, use the sun to dry them instead, hanging a washing line can save on energy bills, especially in the summer months.

Turn Tv and appliances off by the plug, leaving them on standby will still use up small amounts of energy and affect the household energy bills. The more items on standby means the more energy is being used.

Turn all lights off that are not being used in the house. The type of bulbs you use, will play a major role on how much your electricity bills are each month and every year. When choosing bulbs for your home use a 20 watts energy-saving bulb rather than a 50 or 100 watt bulb, that will use more power and energy.

 Decorate With Lighter Colors

5) Making your rooms lighter can save on electric bills, you may need to paint the walls in neutral colors to achieve this. A lighter room will mean you will not need to have the lights on as much, which will cut energy and electricity bills, dramatically.

Bleeding The Radiators

6) Bleeding the radiators will ensure they are in perfect working order and heat up properly. Bleeding the radiators will save energy as when turned on the heaters will give off the heat its suppose to, from top to bottom. Some homes have high gas and electric bills as the radiators are not heating properly, if they have not been done for many years.

 Consider Having Solar Panels

How To Save Money On Energy Bills When Moving Home

7) Solar panels on the roof of your home attract the rays from the sun and forms it in to energy that can be used to provide electricity to your home. This method can help to save up to a third on your household electricity bills, making dramatic savings.

Get Only The Best Price For Your Services

8) Comparing the prices of energy bills will help to save you money on your tariff. There are so many providers that have different tariffs. Your tariff will depend on the Energy Performance Certificate and what band your home and area comes under. An Energy Performance Certificate will tell you where your home can improve on cutting the costs of energy bills.

Extra Tips and Hints

The UK average energy efficient rating is 46 Band E, following this unique guide will help you to achieve way above 80 even 90, Band B/C, which is money in the pocket after the first year.


An Energy Performance Certificate will help iron out any difficulties or issues you have regarding the efficiency of your home, whether that be about saving on fuel costs or carbon reduction, an Energy Performance Certificate will help you to improve your home make it more sustainable and energy efficient.

Are you renovating your new home to combat those rising energy bills. Have you experienced an easier method on how to save money on energy bills when moving home, if so we would to hear your version of events.

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  1. Switch energy supplier to save money on gas and electricity bills. Looking around for the best price on your utilities can help you save hundreds of pounds in the future.

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