Find the best instructions on how to take down a bed frame when moving home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

As a professionally operated house removals company in Hucknall Nottingham, we dismantle all types of beds, wardrobes, dinning tables etc on a daily basis, to all customers moving home or office in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. We have decided to share, with our readers the perfect guide on how to take down a bed frame when moving home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

Follow our helpful, easy to use step by step guide listed below to learn how to take down a bed frame when moving home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Practical Instructions on Dismantling a Bed Frame

  1. Take all bed sheets off the mattress and place them into removal boxes to avoid them from getting dirty.
  2. Lift mattress from the base or the frame of the bed and place a plastic mattress protector cover over the mattress to keep it clean whist being moved ( 2 people may be needed to move the mattress depending on it size).
  3. Stand mattress up against the wall or into another room to give you the space you need to dismantle the bed.
  4. Take up all slats on the bed, you may need a screwdriver for this as some slats are screwed down to the frame of the bed.
  5. Tape all bed slats together, to make it easier to move and store them.
  6. In the middle of the bed there will be a wooden bar going from the bottom of the bed to the headboard, usually it runs down the center of the bed and is clipped into brackets or it could have bolts holding it to the head disconnect the wooden bar.
  7. Take the wooden bar off the bed before you start taking the corners apart.
  8. Now we need to disconnect the bed from all for corners, depending on your type of bed frame, you will need some allen keys and tools to unscrew the bolts holding the bed together.
  9. Starting at the bottom corner of the bed, on the inside you will have 2 allen key bolts, holding the bottom of the bed and one side of the bed together, unscrew these bolts, using the required tools and the bottom corner should come free
  10. Repeat this exercise for the other bottom corner of the bed, once the screws and bolts are out, then the bottom section of the bed will come apart.
  11. If needed wrap and pack the bottom section of the bed using bubble wrapping and place into another room or against the wall for safe keeping.
  12. Now we move to the top of the bed, the head-board section, the process is the same for the bottom section, depending again on the style of bed.
  13. At the to of the bed, on the inside you will have 2 bolts disconnect these 2 bolts using your allen key and one side of the bed will come apart from the headboard.
  14. Repeat this process for the other side of the headboard and the side of the bed will come free from the headboard, now all the bed has been taken down.
  15. Place all bolts and screws into a plastic bag and put a label on it called parts for bed etc.
  16. Label the bed with who’s it is and what room it will be going into at your new home address.

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