Questions new home owners ask when moving house! How will I obtain my keys to my new property?

When moving home the home seller will usually hand in the keys to the estate agent. If the seller has not left the keys with the estate agent then they may give them directly to you. It is always a essential to check before booking your house removal how and when you’ll get the keys to your new property.

The last thing you need is to be waiting outside your new home with the removal men waiting for your house keys to your new home, From previous experience our removal customers end up waiting on either the banks or the estate agents, either the monies have not been transferred through the banks or the seller has not released the keys to the estate agents, which can leave house removal customers twiddling their thumbs as it becomes a waiting game for the keys to to be provided.

How will I obtain my keys to my new property?

The keys normally are provided from around 12.00am to 3.30pm which can be a long and expensive wait especially if the removal men are left sitting for a long periods of time, but as their is so much at stake dealing with large amounts of monies and legal documentation the banks and estate agents have to make sure the transactions have gone through successfully before any keys are released to the buyer.

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