Are you living above a pub and moving house in Nottingham?

If you are living above a Pub and moving house in Nottingham you are going to have a lot of planning and organizing to do. Relocating your pub from one location to another is a tricky job, one best left to experienced professionals. The move needs to be handled quickly and efficiently to ensure you will be able to recommence business as soon as possible.

Worried about loosing business

Bottles, glasses and stools are just a few of the items that will need to be moved. Since a lot of glass and breakable items are involved when moving from a pub to a pub these moves need extra care to avoid damaging any delicate items. Some may find it cost effective to take on the roll of wrapping and packing all the items ready for your move before the arrival of the house removals team

Pub clearance

This is a good opportunity for pub management to have a clear out and dispose of any damaged or unwanted items. Old cardboard boxes, bottles and broken stools are just a few of the items that may have been gathering dust in a store room and can now be disposed of through our clearance service. It may be a good idea to delegate someone to sort through the items and decide what is no longer used or needed.

Packing materials 

Using the right packing materials is important.To help prevent or reduce the occurrence of accidents or damage it is better to use lots of smaller boxes to pack glasses and bottles as they are easier to move around than larger boxes once filled. Specialist box dividers are a good idea as well as wrapping glassware in bubble wrap before placing into boxes.

Preparing for your pub move

Advance preparation should include looking for a competent professional house removals firm in advance. This will give you time to discuss all of your service options, including packaging and costs well before the scheduled date of your move. Other preparations when moving from a pub to a pub will include gathering of  needed boxes and moving supplies. It is also a good idea to postpone restocking just prior to your move to reduce the amount of items that have to be moved