House Removals Glenfield –  Practical Advice & ideas on things to do 24hrs before moving home in Glenfield, Leicestershire

 Many people get stuck considering the most important things to do 24hrs before moving home in Glenfield Leicestershire

Moving Home in Glenfield

  • Packing: Aim to finish all of your packing before moving home in Glenfield, apart from the few essentials you will need. Don’t forget to mark all your boxes with room names. Pack all every thing that can go in a box in a box and wrap the bigger furniture with bubble wrap, you may need specialist boxes for pictures T.V and mirrors to be packed safely.
  • Dismantle and disconnect : Unless you have arranged with the removal company, you will be expected to dismantle and self assemble any furniture that cannot be moved in and out of your current or new home. Ensure that you have disconnected the washer etc and defrosted the fridge / freezer 24hrs before moving home in Glenfield, Leicestershire.

Moving Home in Glenfield

  • Outside items :  Anything outside that you can move, try to put either inside the garage or in a dry place, there is nothing worse than putting soaking wet outside furniture into a removal van along with all your other furniture.
  • Parking : The removal van will need to park outside so if you have difficulty parking outside your house, it could be a good idea to park your own car or cars outside to keep a space for the removal van. Bear in mind the van needs more room than its own length to manoeuvre.



  • Snack box :  Make up a box of refreshments for the next day, bearing in mind that your cooker may be disconnected or in the back of a removal van. Include tea, coffee, sugar etc, and the most important item of all the kettle !!

Moving Home in Glenfield

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Moving Home in Glenfield Leicestershire

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