Moving home in winter

  1. Moving house in the winter
  2. moving house in the winter

Moving home in winter

Tips for moving home in winter

Moving house can be a fraught process at the best of times, but the latest cold spells could make the process even more stressful. We have put together some tips to help home movers avoid the pitfalls of moving home in winter.


  • Be aware of your surroundings

 If you are moving from a home on the hill or an unadopted track, you should speak to your removal firm to ensure they have the facilities to move safely with an inch or so of snow.


  • Salt the garden path
If you are carrying heavy boxes the last thing you want to be worrying about is slipping on icy surfaces. Put some salt down to stop the driveway,path and steps from freezing over, both at the house you are moving from and the house that you are moving into.
  • Don’t pack all your warm clothes

With the removal men going in and out through wide open doors, there is no point in having the heating on and your house will get cold very quickly. Keep aside some jumpers, blankets, scarves and gloves to help keep your family warm.


  • Check floodline

Recent events have shown that flooding can be a serious problem through the winter months call the floodline  0845 988 1188 to check that your route does not pass through an area that is at risk of flooding and be prepared to change your route if necessary.


  • Look after your pets and plants

The stress of moving can really affect your pets make sure you take care of them. Take the dog for a long walk beforehand if you are moving a long distance and make sure your pets have enough food and water for the journey. Above all particularly with hamsters and guinea pigs make sure you keep them warm. You should also take special care of house plants that cannot stand being in the cold for long.

  • Put up curtains
You should put up curtains in your new house as soon as you can, not only do they keep the heat in but they also keep prying eyes out. Where ever you live the sight of removal men and cardboard boxes outside your new home will attract attention.
And last but not least…….
  • Look after your removals men when moving home in winter
When you are moving house you are putting all your worldly possessions in the hands of your removal men so it pays to take care of them. Laying on cups of tea and coffee to fight off the winter cold is a small gesture that goes along way.
Moving house in the winter

Moving home in winter



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