The Ultimate Moving House Guide Leicester

MnM Removals offer effective yet affordable solutions for any one moving home in Leicester. Our Ultimate Moving house guide, Leicester will help to make your house removal experience a happy memory.

Have a clear out

Before you start to plan your house removal in Leicester you should think about having a clear out. A clearance service will help to thin down the amount of unwanted or unused possessions that you have. After all a new home is a new start there is no point in taking rubbish to your new home.

MnM Removals offer a  full or part clearance service. All items we take are either donated, recycled or disposed of at registered and environmentally friendly waste disposal sites. Some of the items we can clear include:

  • House hold furniture

    Old Clothing

  • Unwanted Toys

    Garden / Shed Waste

Arrange a Home Survey

Having a home survey when moving house in Leicester will give you an accurate idea of just how much your move is going to cost. Prices will vary dramatically depending on many factor including the level of service (s) you are going to require. Some of these services may include:

  • Full or Part Clearance Service

    Long or Short term Storage

  • Full or Part Packing Service

    Dismantling & Assembly

We will always quote each service separately so that you can see exactly how your quote has been worked out. This also give you the opportunity to take the services that are within your budget, or budget for the services that you require.

Book In Advance

Never assume that your chosen moving date will be available. As soon as you have a removal date you should try and book a house removal company to secure your chosen date. booking in advance can also save you money with our advance booking discount. Once you have booked in we will send you confirmation via email or in writing when applicable. All detail of your move will be listed in the email, these details will include:

  • Date & Time of  Removal

    Price & Payment Terms

  • Services Included

    Terms & Conditions

Following our moving house guide Leicester you should feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of moving home. Planning and organizing are the key factors to any successful house removal in Leicester.

If you are moving house in Leicester


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