Moving House in Alvaston, Derby

Great advice on what NOT to do when moving house in Alvaston, Derby

There are many mistakes that can be made when moving home. Follow our great practical advice on what NOT to do when moving house in Alvaston, Derby to ensure you have a stress free, smooth home relocation in Alvaston

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What NOT to do when moving house in Alvaston, Derby

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Hiring a removal firm without receiving a home viewing

Most removal firms work by volume of the items. To ensure you are provided with the correct vehicle, your items will be listed by a surveyor who will visit your home to discuss your requirements (No charge should apply for a survey) This is a great time for you to meet your prospective removal company face to face, and ask any questions or address any concerns that you may have regarding your move.

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Forget to do a final sweep of the house

It is always advisable to carry out a final sweep of your home, checking all cupboards and draws making sure nothing important is left behind. However this should not be an opportunity to pack extra items that are not needed. Moving home is a great opportunity to de clutter and get rid of any old or unused items. Always try to donate as much as possible to local charities.

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Not labeling boxes correctly 

We recommend when packing your boxes you should label them with the room they are going to be put in with a brief description of the contents. This will not only make your move a lot easier when its time to unpack in your new home but will also help the removal men to place the boxes into the correct rooms.

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 Setting up services after your removal

There is generally a time delay when disconnecting and reconnecting your household services, this is why we recommend you call in advance particularly Gas and Electric suppliers as they usually have the longest delays. The same may also apply for telephone and broadband connection.

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 Forgetting to record your utility readings

In all the last minute rushing around it can be easy to forget to record your utility readings. This is an important task when considering what NOT to do when moving house in Alvaston, Derbyas  and often the last thing you need is to be over charged for your gas and electricity supply.

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Knowing in advance what NOT to do when moving house in Alvaston, Derby will save you valuable time and money on your house removal. Planning and organizing are the key factors to any successful relocation.

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