Moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire


Are you planning on moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire, Then MnM Removals is the right home removals company for you

If you are moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire you’ll probably want to complete your purchase or sale on a Friday.This is a perfectly reasonable  choice, as it allows for the weekend to move in, so you can take less time off work. This will generally fit in with what most estate agents, banks, solicitors in the chain wants and probably 80% – 90% of conveyancing sale and purchase completions do take place on a Friday.

Moving house on a Friday in Leicester - Leicestershire

Moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire

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Completion Day

On the day of  completion, the purchase money needs to be transferred by electronic transfer (telegraphic transfer) from the purchaser’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. Once it arrives, and the transaction is complete the purchaser is entitled to take full possession of the property (which will mean the seller will have to move out).

If there is chain of transaction then the money needs to be moved from solicitor to solicitor. It can not be transferred directly from the start of the chain to the end. A telegraphic transfer is only guaranteed to arrive at its destination account on the same day it is sent. It is not instant and will take several hours or so. Added to this, the latest time by which solicitors can transfer money is usually 15:30, although the money might arrive with the solicitor in the chain before 17:00 meaning his sellers client is obliged to move out that day, he may not be able to transfer money to the solicitor acting on his client’s purchase. The longer the chain the greater the chance that the whole chain may not be completed within one day.

Moving house on a Friday in Leicester - Leicestershire

Moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire

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If you insist on moving house on a Friday in Leicester – Leicestershire here are some tips to help you run your day more smoothly

If you are buying and not selling, you don’t actually have to move in on the same day you complete, try completing on a Thursday and moving out on the Friday.

Make sure all money is with your solicitor on Thursday, so your solicitor can transfer your money first thing.

Ask your solicitor to order the mortgage money to arrive from your lender the day before completion. Some solicitor’s will do this any way, but not all will. This will speed up the process and allow for money to be transferred first thing.

Allow enough time between exchange and completion to arrange for a removals firm.

Check just before exchanging to be sure that your removals company is going to be available. Remember Friday is their busiest day too.

Keep in contact with your conveyancer so you are aware as early as possible of any potential problems so that you can be prepared eventuality of late completion.

Remember that the vast majority of home moves go ahead without a hitch, so relax and enjoy your new home

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