Moving To New Home, New Build Property or New Development in Leicester

Find the top tips when moving to new home, new build property or new development in Leicester or Leicestershire

When moving to a new home, new build property or new development in Leicester you want to ensure you choose a moving company that cares. New build homes, can come with brand new fitted cream carpets and magnolia painted walls. The other thing with many new build properties is that the walls are mainly plaster board and can be easily scraped or damaged during your move. Hiring our professional house moving company covering in Leicester and Leicestershire will help to ensure your items are moved safely. Our team have the up most respect and courtesy when moving furniture in and out of customers homes. The Leicestershire country side is under major construction with 1000’s of brand new homes being built every year to accommodate the increase in housing needs. Buying a new build property, could mean living on a building site until the whole development is complete.

Top Tips For Moving To A New Home, New Build Property Or New Development in Leicester

moving to new home, new build property or new development in Leicester

Visit The Area 

Before signing an y paper work for your new home, go and take a look or spend the day in the new area, just so you can get a feel for how the area is and how it would suit you and your family. Many people moving to new home, new build property or new development in Leicester or Leicestershire will need to be aware that the area may still be under construction after you have moved in.

Do Some Research

Taking the time to speak to your builders will help to reassure you that you are making the correct choice. Ask to see previous new build properties that your builders have completed, speak to the home owners to see how they feel living in the new home. The are many building firms out there building quality family homes in Leicester and Leicestershire. A few of these building firms include companies like Barratt Homes, Persimmon Homes and David Wilson Homes, these building companies provide quality home for sale on the government Help To Buy Scheme. Many new build homes come with less storage space and smaller rooms than many older properties, checking the dimensions of the property your self is crucial, as diagrams the builders provide can be confusing to read or to understand.

Check To See If You Can Have Your Home Layout Changed

It may be hard to change the actual layout or design of your new home if you are not buying off plan. Check with your builders exactly what features can be changed before moving into the new build property. Your builders may allow you to personalize things like carpets, curtains, kitchen , bathroom and colour of rooms as standard.

Read Your Contract Carefully

When purchasing your dream new build home it is always wise to read and understand every thing in the small print. When purchasing the property you will be bound to deal that you will have to stick to, in order to keep your new build home. Failure to abide by the deal could result in the property being repossessed.

Book A moving Company

When choosing your moving companies it is always best to ensure they are booked 4-6 wks before your move. Request a home survey that can be carried out for free, by your moving company move coordinator. Booking in advance will ensure you know the exact cost of your move, where you will be able to plan, prepare and budget for your move way in advance.

Get The Measurements 

Measure the items you have, like cooker, washing machine or fridge and then measure the place where you would like to put them in your new home, this will save disappointment on removals day if they don’t fit in the correct spaces.

On Removals Day

Lay down some floor protection, we recommend covering the majority of the floor to avoid carpets getting dirty, especially in wet weather and when builders and removal men are in and out. Dismantle large furniture for easy access into your new home, if necessary ask your builders to take a window out to put large sofa’s or bulky furniture in.

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