O.A.P DISCOUNTS When Moving Home in Leicester and Leicestershire

Moving home can be a stressful task at the best of times. For people who are getting older and perhaps not as fit and agile as they used to be it is likely to be an even harder task. Elderly people moving home in Leicester may need a lot of  help. O.A.P discounts when moving home in Leicester and Leicestershire couldn’t be any easier.

Looking for the best O.A.P DISCOUNTS when moving home in Leicester and Leicestershire couln’t be any easier

O.A.P DISCOUNTS When Moving Home in Leicester and Leicestershire

Get 10% OFF your move when booking your home move this summer with MnM Removals

It may have become more difficult to manage your home as you get older. Moving house to somewhere that greater suits your needs may bring more independence. Your new home may be smaller, easier to manage, sheltered or closer to amenities and family.

This is where MnM Removals Leicester our professional and caring removals company can help. By informing our friendly staff of your requirements we can help take care of all those aspects you feel less able to carry out. Such moving furniture, disassembling and assembling furniture and any heavy lifting.

A home packing and unpacking service is also available to further assist you with your move. MnM Removals will supply you all removal boxes and complete a full packing service, ensuring your home and contents are safely wrapped and packed into our double wall removal boxes and wardrobe boxes, all at great prices, sizes and quality.

MnM Removals is a professional and caring removal company in Leicester and Leicetershire, we have many years of moving experience in handling your possessions, furniture and belongings and carefully transporting them to your new home. We will use the best in quality boxes and packaging materials, specialist moving equipment will be used in order to keep your belongings and furniture safe and undamaged during your move.

Our great O.A.P discounts mean that you will not have to worry about your move costing too much as we can provide a quote that suits your budget, needs and requirements.

At MnM Removals we offer our customers the chance to Mix and Match their desired moving service, to suit your exact needs and requirements discounts can also be provided when taking more than one moving services.

Free Insurance with every Move

If you or a member of your family is moving house in Leicester or Leicestershire and would like to book our reliable, affordable house relocation company and services then please get in touch with our team today and see how we can save you time and money in the long run when moving house in Leicester or Leicestershire with MnM Removals.

If your are an elderly citizen moving home get in touch to receive your O.A.P Discounts when moving in Leicester and Leicestershire.

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