Packing a Dining Room when Moving Home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham

Our detailed  tips for Packing a dining room when moving home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham will assist you in wrapping fine china and your large dining room furniture ready to be transported safely and securely. Since the dining room is likely to contain some of your most fragile and valuable items, it’s important to follow our dining room packing tips accordingly.

Practical advice for Packing a Dining Room when Moving Home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham

Primarily, the dining room will  include your most fragile china and crystal stemware. Each item should be carefully wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and placed in quality double walled boxes; box dividers are recommended for stem and glassware.

Silver and Flatware

To protect silver pieces from tarnishing, they should be completely enclosed in newsprint or plastic wrap.

Hollow ware — including bowls, tea sets and serving dishes – should be wrapped carefully like fragile items and packed like china.

Loose flatware may be wrapped individually or in sets, and in paper, clear plastic or small gift boxes that are then secured with tape.

Even if silverware is in a chest, consider wrapping the pieces individually and re-position them in the chest. Or, fill all voids in the chest with newsprint to prevent shifting and moving. The chest can be wrapped in a large bath towel or removal blanket for safe keeping.

Dining Tables and Chairs

If the table and chair legs can be removed this should be the first step.

Wrap each leg individually using bubble or foam wrap and secure with tape.

Cover the seat and the full back rest of the chair with bubble or foam wrap and secure firmly with tape.

Securely cover and wrap any table tops with furniture safe foam protection wrap, you may also want to give table tops an extra layer of protection.

Other delicate items

Be sure the items are well-protected with plenty of cushioning.

Wrap first in tissue paper, paper towels or facial tissue. Then, wrap carefully in paper that has been wadded and flattened out.

Small mirrors, plaques and pictures should be wrapped individually in tissue paper with an outer layer of newsprint.

A bath towel or small blanket makes an excellent outer wrapping and padding for glass.

Lamp Shades

Never wrap lamp shades in newspaper, as the ink will soil the shade. Instead, carefully wrap each shade in three or four sheets of tissue paper, a pillowcase or a large lightweight towel.

Use a sturdy box at least two inches bigger all around than the largest shade. Line it with clean paper, using crushed paper under the lamp shade to create a protective layer, but not around the shade.

A smaller shade may be nested inside a larger one, provided they do not touch.

Only one silk shade should be placed in carton to avoid stretching the silk.

Lamp Bases

After removing the light bulb and lamp harp, wrap the base, harp and bulb separately in newsprint. Place them together in a box, filling voids with wadded paper.

For Large Glass Table Tops, Marble Slabs, Large Mirrors, Paintings, Garden Statues & Large Vases

It’s best to consult with your moving company about custom-made boxes and crates for items of this kind. Paper should never be permitted to touch the surface of an oil painting.You will want to include any items with values exceeding £100  on your “High Value Inventory” form to receive proper valuation coverage. It’s important to do this so that in the unlikelihood that something should happen, you can receive compensation for your damage or loss.

Packing a Dining Room when Moving Home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham

Following our tips when packing a dining room when moving home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham will help to make this task a much easier and less time-consuming experience. It is of huge importance to always use only the best Quality Packaging Materials for packing a dining room when moving home in Gunthorpe, Nottingham.

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