Packing techniques when relocating home in Newark on Trent

Find the best packing techniques when relocating home in Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire

Relocating home is not an easy thing to do, as you simply can’t do every thing your self, getting professional help and advice can go a long way. Follow our suprier packing techniques when relocating home in Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24, will give you and your family the confidence and reassurance you need to ensure your home is packed correctly for when the removal men arrive.

When following our packing techniques when relocating home in Newark on Trent it is always best to use removal boxes that are double wall and good quality, this is very important when it comes to keep your items safe whilst being loaded on to the removal truck or being stacked on top of each. You can browse our online packaging store to purchace your removal boxes, we supply removal boxes that are affordable and perfect for your home relocation. To see store Click Here


Packing techniques when relocating home in Newark on Trent

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Wrapping Furniture

Using bubble wrapping is a good way to keep pictures and fragile funiture and items safe and protected

Removal blankets provide a good source of extra protection for your furniture whilst in transit or being moved by your removal men

Corrugated cardboard rolls are used to wrap delicate items like leather bed frames, mirrors and even wardrobes and chest of draws

Shrink wrap is great as you can use it to wrap and secure your furniture further with out the use of tape

Specialist boxes can also be made to fit your exact size and requirements, for those special delicate furniture and items you would like to protect

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Wrapping Little Fragile items

Wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping small delicate items like glasses, ornaments, plates, cups and knifes and forks

Bubble wrap is great as it adds bubbles to cushion your delicate items when placed into boxes

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Wrapping Larger fragile items

Corrugated cardboard rolls will need to be used to ensure your delicate items are not scrached, scraped or damaged, during transit

Bubble wrap can be used as a under layer protection for your furniure and items

Removal blankets will need to be used, just to provide the maximum cushioning for your item or furniture when loaded onto your removal truck

Once you have wrapped your larger fragile items in corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and removal blankets, you can then further protect your items by using shrink wrap.

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Wrapping Clothing

Wardrobe boxes are the ideal way of packing your best suits and clothing. Most wardrobe boxes will come with hanging rails so you can keep your clothing on the hangers, placing them into your wardrobe boxes.

Alternatively you can use black bin liners or extra large removal boxes to store your clothes keeping them neat, clean and tidy at all time. Clothes will need to be clean and dry before packing them.

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Wrapping electrical equipment

All plasma t.vs and hifi systems will need to be wraped using non-static bubble wrap, be sure to do at least two layers.

Again using removal blankets, wrap your electricals at least twice with the removal blankets and place into your t.v boxes. If you dont have your orginal box t.v boxes can be bought online.

Use cushions from the sofa to pad out the box. Be sure the t.v is sturdy and does not move when inside the box.

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Packing your boxes

When packing your boxes it is important to ensure you use the correct sized box for the items you are packing, ornaments and breakables will need to be secured in the box using bubble wrap,newspaper or other cushioned materials.

Do not over pack boxes as they will be difficult to move and the bottoms can sometimes fall through if overloaded. For example books should be packed into smaller boxes to avoid them being too heavy.

Try to use only double walled sturdy boxes. Cheaper alternatives are available however they should be avoided if possible as often they will end up costing you more time and money on moving day when it is time to move your boxes.

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Rugs and carpets

To avoid creasing and marking rugs should always be rolled up and not folded, the same applies to carpets.

Once rolled up you can cover using breathable materials such as corrugated cardboard.

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When using our professional packers you will receive a first class packing service. Our home packers have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure your home is packed safely into moving boxes, saving you the stress and physical labour.

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