Packing when moving home in Lenton, Nottingham

The best advice on packing when moving home in Lenton, Nottingham|House Removals Advice

Moving home in Lenton, Nottingham is not an easy task, with all the planning, organizing, estate agents, banks, solicitors and home cleaning to deal with, it’s no wonder you may need some professional help and advice from time to time.

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Advice For Packing when moving home in Lenton, Nottingham

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Purchase enough removal boxes that are double wall, strong and sturdy. Specialist boxes may be needed for TV etc.

Before packing your home decide on items you want to keep and old items you can sell, set up car boot sale, give away or donate to charity.

Start by packing the kitchen and fragile items first, secure each plate or glass with bubble wrap and place into your boxes.

Wrap each and every item, including dining table chairs, fridge freezer, washing machine and cooker, sofa

When packing your boxes try not to over fill the boxes as the box may not be able to close properly.

Use smaller size boxes when packing heavy items and larger size boxes for lighter items.

Using removal blankets wrap the sofa and secure using shrink-wrap.

Take down all bigger bulky items and secure the screws and parts in a bag and label them with the contents.

Bubble wrap all picture and photos, picture boxes can be an option for delicate or sentimental value photos.

Wrap all ornaments, glass tables and tv stands etc with bubble wrap.

Be sure to pack a kettle and overnight box with all the essentials you and your family will need, for the trip and when you arrive at your new home.

Packing Your Home When Moving Home in Nottingham

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Always Plan Ahead When Moving Home in Nottinghamshire

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Never under-estimate the hard work evolved when packing your home, hiring the  professionals help will ensure your packing service is a success for you and your family.

If  your move is a big move and you are moving a lot of furniture and belongings, you will not likely unpack in the same day so be sure you label and sticker your most needed boxes, so they can be easily identified once you have moved in.

If packing your self it is better to start the packing at least a 2 months prior to your move, especially if you are moving a lot of furniture and items. Starting the move early you can pack a couple of boxes per day, reducing the stress, the time and reducing the help needed to pack your home.

Packing Your Home When Moving Home in Nottingham

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How To  Safely Pack Your Home When Moving Home in Lenton, Nottingham

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Start packing early.

Start packing in the kitchen or the utility areas first.

Pack just a few boxes at a time or one room at a time.

Keep boxes packed in the same room together.

Pack heavier items in the bottom of the boxes first and lighter on top.

Don’t over fill the boxes or make them to heavy to carry.

Lay wrapping paper or bubble wrap in the bottom of the box before placing items into it.

Wrap all delicate items separately using bubble wrap or wrapping paper and place into boxes.

Wrap and take down larger furniture, dining tables, beds, sofa, wardrobes etc.

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