Get the best information on preparing your fridge freezer for your removal when moving home in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Lincoln or Northampton

If you are planning a house removal within Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Lincoln or Northampton, then you will need to know the best way to preparing your fridge for your removal when moving home, the following tips will ensure that your fridge freezer is properly prepared and ready to be moved. By being organized and preparing your fridge freezer for your removal when moving home, will help to speed up the removal process, without any delays.

The key when moving home is to buy less food, or what you’ll need, on the run up to your house removal. Never fill the cupboards or fridge freezer with food before your move, as open food and drinks may be waste, depending on the distance of your move.

Empty all the food out of the freezer and then place carefully into an ice box, this will help to keep the food cold and cool, during your move.

Empty the fridge compartment of its contents, many of these food items will be fine, when packing them into strong, double wall removal boxes. Tape up packets of food that are already opened, to avoid them spilling, when placed or moved around in the boxes.

Pull the fridge freezer forward so you can unplug from the main socket.

If moving far away you will need to defrost your fridge freezer, to do this turn the refrigerator off completely and leave for up to two days at room temperature, prior to your move.

Now we need to remove all shelving and plastic tubs inside the refrigerator. If your shelves are made of glass, then they will need to be wrapped , using strong quality bubble wrapping, which will help to keep the shelves safe, from getting damaged or broken. Once bubble wrapped place the shelves into removal boxes.

Get some soapy water, so you can clean the fridge freezer, leaving it clean and smelling nice for your new home. You may want to clean behind the fridge freezer, where the over flow bowl sits, as this can some times gather dust and cob webs, which you will not want to move to your new home.

If you fridge freezer is not going to be used, once at your new home, you will need to leave the doors ajar. The easiest method for this is to fold some cardboard up and trap it between the door frame of the fridge freezer. Using tape secure the doors, so the cardboard holds its position. This will help to keep air circulating inside the fridge freezer, which will prevent rot and mold from forming inside the fridge freezer.

Before deciding to move the fridge freezer, you will need the correct equipment, another person and no history of back problems. Protect the fridge freezer before moving it, using bubble wrapping, shrink wrapping and removal blankets, this will help to prevent scrapes, marks and scuffs being done to your fridge freezer.

Preparing your fridge freezer for your removal when moving home.

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