Brown Wrapping Paper

Brown Wrapping Paper


Sizes: 600 mm x 200 m | 1200 mm x 200 m

Brown Wrapping Paper (pure ribbed kraft rolls 90 gsm)

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MnM Removals recommended range of  kraft brown wrapping paper on rolls at cheaper prices

MnM Removals have packed and moved thousands of homes across the UK and used many different types of packaging materials and with this experience of using different packaging materials on a daily basis, we know exactly what brown wrapping paper is best suited for wrapping your best items a few are listed  below:

Chairs-when packing chairs with brown wrapping paper, you can wrap the paper around the whole chair and seal with tape.

Computers-place the brown wrapping paper around the whole computer for maximum protection then place into a removal computer box.

Picture|mirrors-cover the picture and mirrors with brown wrapping paper  for maximum protection.

Tables-wrap your tables using our brown wrapping paper, wrap it around the base and the legs of the table.

Ornaments-wrap your ornaments carefully using our brown wrapping paper take care as some ornaments are very delicate they can be damaged if not wrapped properly with brown wrapping paper.

When buying our brown wrapping paper to protect your items you can rest assured that your most cared for belongings will make it to their new destination in one piece. At MnM Removals we only recommend buying the best in quality brown wrapping paper products at low prices, that will protect your furniture when being moved or in transit. Our brown wrapping paper is used in retail stores, at home and when wrapping up parcels for mail or flight.

Brown Packaging Paper

Our brown wrapping paper is good for the environment as it is:

100% recyclable material

Reusable and biodegradable

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