A new home will probably be the largest investment that you will ever make and you’ll probably spend a lot of time searching for the perfect property. Once you have found your ideal new home you may already know a lot about the home, however there are many questions to ask a seller when moving house in Leicester. Below we have listed some of the most important questions that you should ask. Asking the right questions could help you to save time and  money spent on your new home.

Questions to ask a seller when moving house in Leicester

Why are they selling ?

There are many reasons that people are selling their home, some of the most popular reasons include new job, up or downsizing and moving closer to family or friends. Asking the seller directly may give you an insight in their urgency to sell. For example if someone is in a rush to sell their home due to a new job starting, there may be some room for negotiation on the price.

 How long as it been on the market ?

The main reason that homes stay on the market for a long time is because it was too highly priced to begin with. Being on the market for a long period of time not only leaves the listing stale but can also leave the seller feeling disheartened and wondering if there is something wrong with their home. If the home you hope to buy has been listed for a long  time the seller may be more willing to accept lower offers.

 How much did they pay for the house ?

The price the seller originally paid for the house may reflect in the price they are willing to sell the home for. For example if they purchased the home at rock bottom prices and now the value has dramatically increased they may be more open to negotiation. If the sellers won’t tell you what they paid, you can find out by checking the public records. They are available at the Land registry .

What is included in the sale ?

Take notice of exactly what is to be included in the sale of the house. The term fixtures may be used to describe what is included and comes with the sale of the house. Fixtures may include cabinets, windows and blinds. Some items such as sheds, lighting and outdoor play equipment can fall into a gray area so to avoid disappointment ask for a list of the fixtures in writing.

How are the neighbors and the Neighborhood ?

Neighbors can play a big part in the quality of our lives  and many neighborhoods are effected by a number of  nuisances including speeding on the streets, traffic congestion, noise from barking dogs or nearby businesses, litter and anti social behavior.  Try and get as much information as possible about your new area and neighbors. However if the sellers are moving due to one of the above problems they may not be so forthcoming with this information. Try visiting the local police station and request the crime statistics for the new area.

Has the home had any major repairs or renovations ?

Although the house may not appear to have any current problems it is extremely important to ask the seller if the house has had any previous repairs or renovations. If it has then it is equally important to ask who completed the work and if necessary request a copy  of the building permit. If the seller does not have a building permit you can contact the local building department who will be able to confirm if one was issued.  Bad renovations, sketchy plumbing and mediocre construction can end up costing you financially and emotionally, and even in terms of your health.

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