Settle cats in after your move

Settle cats in after your move


Moving can be a stressful time for cats as they won’t understand what is going on. To make this a less traumatic experience for your cat follow our handy tips and advice on how you should settle cats in after your move.


Cats find it difficult to settle into new surroundings after a move, remember to be conscious of their concerns.


Introduce your cat to their new home gradually, restricting them to only two rooms at first. Place the litter tray, food and water, bed and toys with it. This will give it the chance to become accustomed to the smells and sounds of your new home. This will also give  them a room of their own to use later if they feel uncertain and to seek refuge.


Putting their favorite litter tray, food and water, bed and toys into their room will help them settle with the familiar smell of home.


To be sure they don’t escape keep all doors and windows closed and check for any crawl spaces or holes. Let them explore the house on their own they will come out when they feel safe.

Moving with your cat


You should keep your cat indoors for around 2 weeks until your home becomes familiar to them. After this time take your cat outside with you to explore, increasing the time each day until your cat knows the area and feels safe. Make sure your cat is properly tagged with your new address and phone number.


You know your cats personality and whether they are confidant, social or shy. This will help you to determine their individual needs when settling in.


Moving with your cat


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